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Commented on Yowane Haku

Yes, some of the the images are NSFW, but the meme as a whole has nothing to do with an inappropriate topic.

Jun 28, 2013 at 11:29AM EDT

Commented on Asa7be

Looks like this could still use more info…

Jun 25, 2013 at 12:57AM EDT

Commented on Genwunner

We will may need a better picture to represent the meme, but it seems to be well researched. There are many examples.

+1 Work

Jun 04, 2013 at 10:12PM EDT

Commented on Linkara

To the person who suggested sub-entries, can we put them in the main entry for now? It’s only a paragraph long!

Jan 24, 2013 at 06:31PM EST

Edited meme entry Linkara.

Jan 24, 2013 at 06:29PM EST

Commented on Linkara

So, is this for the real-life Lewis, his character or the show? I’m a fan, so I can help if I know what the point of the page is.

Nov 06, 2012 at 09:40AM EST

Commented on Si no X, no tuviste infancia

Do we have a spanish version/ area of the site? If you didn’t X, you didn’t have a childhood is still definitely a meme.

Aug 13, 2012 at 01:23AM EDT

Commented on Otherkin

I don’t think I can judge this one. It’s not my territory. I don’t know anything about it.

Aug 13, 2012 at 01:22AM EDT

Commented on LoL Backlash:1000 RP Equality

Hoooooo boy. Needs work, if anything. I’m going to go do research. If I find something good, I’ll get an edit request sent.

Jun 29, 2012 at 09:17PM EDT

Commented on Pixar Intro Remakes

Looks good, but I think we have a limit on how many videos there can be on the main page. I don’t remember the exact number (something like 5). This is way over the limit.

Feb 20, 2012 at 01:41PM EST

Commented on FIREMEN

@Skitch It’s an epidemic.

Just shot our newbie friend a message about where to put it, complete with instructions.

Feb 18, 2012 at 09:41PM EST

Commented on FIREMEN

What is this, the 13th, 14th one of these?

Feb 18, 2012 at 09:19PM EST

Commented on GCSU

This newcomer page-creating needs to be dealt with. Now. Before I go crazy.

Feb 18, 2012 at 12:10AM EST

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