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Feb 20, 2015 at 01:44PM EST

Commented on I guess who are those...

The one who’s singing showtunes is from Spider-man: Turn Off the Dark" – a failure of a Broadway musical.

Feb 12, 2015 at 02:27PM EST

Commented on Introducing Spot

So this robot has like a spinning “siren” box on its head. The self-driving car prototypes that you can look at online also have these. I’m thinking that this spinning siren head will become a very common thing to see on robots.

Years ago, people imagined that all robots would have big antennas on their heads, and lots of robots have been imagined so. But I think that ten years from now, the most “robot-ey” thing we’ll see is these rotating camera eyes.

Feb 11, 2015 at 12:35PM EST

Commented on SBU (Self-Balancing Unicycle)

They are on every campus.

You should have acted – they’re already here.
The Elder Wheels told of their return.
Their relative slowness was merely delay
Til the time after two wheelers rode,
When cyclists are would be marginalized.
But no-one wanted to believe.
Believe they even existed.
And when the truth finally dawns:
It dawns on one wheel!

Feb 05, 2015 at 01:10PM EST

Commented on b04.png

How in the world can people have such beautiful hair and not look like it is *dyed.

Oct 27, 2014 at 04:19PM EDT

Commented on Swiggity Swooty

It’s not a repost, I made this.

ThatGamerGuy52 uploaded a copy of it to another gallery a few hours after I uploaded this one. It garnered much more attention, but was eventually moved to this gallery because the mods thought this gallery was more appropriate for it. Now there are two identical ones, but this one came first.

Sep 22, 2014 at 01:20PM EDT

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