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Well, I have returned. Not something I expected, but it happened. Hopefully we can stay out of trouble this time. So, yeah, put shortly,

Now, for my actual profile:
Hello, I am “Shadowmancreator.” Some nicknames I have been deemed are “Shadow,” “SMC,” and “Shad.” The Shadow Man you may be thinking of most likely is the one I’m presenting… You can see my Shadow Man in my icon wearing sunglasses.

Some of my contributions to this site include (but are not limited to) images to galleries, occasionally “funny” comments, and basically the usual user contributions. One other activity I participate in involving this site is a game that is under development (and will probably remain for a another year or two) titled “Clash of the Users: Gold!” This game is planned to be a KYM-themed fighting game, starring some KYM users, and KYM icons. I am mainly in charge of sprites and some concept art, and occasionally programming, if I’m allowed to. We don’t plan on finishing this game any time soon, since it’s going to be a long process, but the longer we work on it, the better it will be!

Some of my hobbys including drawing, playing the piano, making sprites, making games, playing games, and writing stories. I do take requests for drawings, so if you have one, don’t be afraid to ask!

Some of my good friends on KYM include (But are not limited to)
- SmackerJack
- Emerson
- Genesis
- Crow
- Zubatman

I will now be hosting a segment called the “Song of the week,” starting each Sunday. It’s where every week, a sound track from a video game will be on my page for the week, and each month will have a video game theme. That’s it.
This month’s theme is: METROID
This week’s song is: Metroid II: Return of SamusMain Tunnel Theme

Also, if you want to battle or trade with me, or anything 3DS related, my friend code is 3969-5582-2935 :3


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