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Kept you waiting huh?

I am who I am, what more do you need to know. I prefer to keep to myself, but I do make friends with others if they’ve gained my trust. I’m also a loyal person, so there’s that.

I can be a tad extra at times, and a little heavy with the attitude, but I normally mean well. Sarcasm runs in the blood. I also don’t take a few things seriously unless I need a reason to, or I take an interest. I’m also a tad bit weird, but who isn’t?

If you have anything you need to know feel free to ask. I’m either in the comments or posting an image when on KYM.
There are also times when I just don’t log in for a while. That just means I’m lurking about.

Know what would be a good idea? A Lets Play with Solid and Liquid Snake!

If you have anything you wanna know, ask away.

Capcom can suck it. I’m not amused with them.

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