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Welcome to my wall.

Bio w/ Tech Specs

I’m just your average Famous Decepticon from the Shattered Glass community family.
(Secretly an Autobot)

I’m KYM’s unofficial Moral Officer Emperor of Destruction.
And also

You are free to add me on Steam if you wish. It’s an easier way to get in contact with me than to PM me.

I’m currently KYM’s #1 Transformers fan, so that’s something very neat.

I’m technically not a brony but I will never be biased against FiM nor hate the series.

You are welcome in my club (Aka my wall). Hope you enjoy your stay, don’t forget to tip your local bartender, and may the music satisfy your soul.

I’m mainly a fan of Transformers(duh), G.I. Joe, Rooster Teeth Productions (Mainly RvB, Let’s Plays, Shorts, How To:, Animated Adventures, and RWBY), Pokemon, Warhammer 40000, Halo, Robocop, Marvel Comics, DC Comics, Youtubers (STAR_, Uberhaxornova, Snipars, The Creatures, TheSw1tcher/TBFP, Filthy Frank, and Vsauce), Gears of War, TF2, Homestar Runner, and practically everything robotic.

I normally automatically friend any followers simply because everyone needs a friend.

Just friendly reminder, I do check my emails frequently so I know what you’ve said and done around me.

A few pics to describe myself:

And remember dudes, on January 30th is follower appreciation day for all of you dudes/dudettes who clicked that good ol’ Follow (or become friends) button.

Spoilers N’ Buttons

1.) (Sir)Soundwave/Soundblaster
2.) (Master)Megatron/Galvatron
3.) Starscream/AngelScream
4.) Shockwave/Shockblast
5.) Cyclonus
6.) Overlord
7.) Trypticon
8.) Bruticus [Combaticons]
9.) Sixshot
10.) Devestator [Constructicons]
11.) Thundercracker
12.) Skywarp
13.) Ramjet
14.) Menasor [ Stunticons]
15.) Predaking [Predacons]
1.) Orion Pax/Optronix/Optimus Prime/Convoy/Star Convoy/Battle Convoy
2.) Windblade (Secondary Waifu)
3.) Autobot Blaster/Billy
4.) Autobot Jazz/Meister
5.) Star Saber/Victory Saber
6.) Powerglide
7.) Omega Supreme
8.) Metroplex
9.) Arcee (Secondary Waifu)
10.) Ironhide
11) Bumblebee/Goldbug
12.) Hot rod/Rodimus Prime
13.) Drift (formerly Decepticon Deadlock)
14.) Cosmos
15.) Sergeant Kup
1.) Captain America
2.) Green Lantern
3.) Spider-man
4.) Deadpool
5.) Iron man
6.) Batman
7.) Rorschach
8.) Wolverine
9.) Hulk
10.) Slapstick
1.) Lex Luthor
2.) Dr. Doom
3.) Red Skull
4.) Magneto
5.) Ultron
6.) Sinestro
7.) Green Goblin
8.) Galactus
9.) Bizzaro
10.) Crimson Dynamo
Penny (RWBY)

Windblade (Transformers)

Arcee (Transformers)

Witch (Left 4 Dead)

Remaining slots left = 3

Emergency Rave Button
Emergency Sanic Button
Feeling Lucky
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My Five Golden Rules
Rule 1.) FRIEND ALL THE FOLLOWERS! (Because whats a wrecking crew without some friends?)
Rule 2.) Smash Do it with style or don’t bother smashing doing it.
Rule 3.) LURK MOAR
Rule 4.) All things cute deserve to be hugged not fapped, no exceptions.
Rule 5.) Its RIBFIR not RIRFIB


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Make it past Year Two on KYM
Survive for a third year on KYM

The current autoplay song will change depending on the mood I’m in.

Name: Lighting Their Darkest Hour- 18. Escape
Artist(s): Vince DiCola

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