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SirAlin a.k.a Señor Alejandrin is a cool guy from Mexico. He likes memes, videogames, music, fishing, TV and hanging out with friends. He usually visits KYM and he sometimes add an entry.


His favorite meme is Trollface. He likes racist and hating memes, but he´s not racist or a hater. He usually post mexican known memes, but he adds non- mexican memes as well. “You came to the wrong hood” is his biggest entry success, getting liike 4 or 5 frontpages. He used to like 9gag, but, because of the increase of faggotry and bad used memes (because he´s kind of hipster), he now hates it. He likes Memebase (afterdark too), CuántoCabrón (In fact, he truly believes this page need to be documentted, but he´s not planning to document it), and Facebook.


Everything except JB, 1D and shit. Youtube playlist


Monster Hunter 3, Team Fortress 2, Minecraft, Newgrounds and Kongregate online games and stuff. Kind of skilled.


Adventure Time, Regular Show, Mad, The Simpsons, Bob´s Burgers, Comedy central and MTV. Sometimes he watches Discovery channel.

September 15, 2012: A great day in México and around KYM.

September 20, 2012: I found that my butthurt dwellers when I signed up in KYM (Want the names? No) are a bunch of fags. But I don´t hate them.

I´ll leave this song here. FYI, It´s like a Renard extended version of a jingle heard in Adventure Time episode “Party Animal”. It makes my day happy.

September 30th, 2012: Watching first episode of Gravity Falls in México. It´s amazing. I fucking love it.

I just want to waste my profile. Post me a image or a song or make me a new profile picture. PROTIP: I like the Poo-Brained Horse.


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