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Sup people. I’m a Shiny Zangoose, n’ shit. I love Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure and Samurai Champloo, they both being my favorite manga and anime, respectively. I like cheesecake and Chie Satonaka. Girls need to know how to kick ass and avoid being too moe, if at all. Because, goshdarn it, I hate cute! ….Correction: I hate cute, unless it’s joined by sexy. Otherwise, it comes off as annoying. Case and point: K-on fanart. Boy howdy, that’s some good art. Speaking of which…I’m not afraid to state my opinion, but, sometimes, when I do, It’s hard for me to shut the fuck up. TL;DR, I welcome all comers. Because friends are kinda cool. And, hey. Who doesn’t like friendship? But enough about me. What’s your story? Do tell. I got time.
Thanks to ShadowManCreator for the Avatar! And thanks to Ann Hiro for the picture on the page! Thanks, Annie! And, hey! I’m still not talking! So sit the fuck down! Billy Mays here! This shiny shit-stain named SmackerJack wants to make a fighting game based on this site! And WE NEED MANPOWER! FRIENDS! FAMILY! GET IN ON THIS! We want to make this happen! And we need YOU to make it happen. Call 1-800-FUCK-IT, and order a sweet-ass interview with SmackerJack for the game Call now! In other words, just comment below, and I’ll get to you as soon as possible. Thank you! Also… …You read that text in Billy Mays’ voice, didn’t you? I bet you did.

If I had a theme, it would be this:

It’s Spring and all, but I don’t know what this shit is, man…Looks quirky, though.

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