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I’m a UAV called spark, i fly.
Man CounterUAVs.
Real shit.
Name:Spark Erail
You know already I’m a UAV but I do like cars, Fast cars and slow cars. My favorite car company is Marussia Motors and their (Sexy) car Marussia B2. I’m not brony there.Done.
The badass marussia B2.

Purple pony That has my name.


----------------------‘’Some story’’--------------------------------------------
Q:Are you gay?
A:Are you gay?
------------------------ The End-----------------------------------------------
Job:I fly everywhere to check if their are Trolls, Fail trolls, faggots, spambots and annoying people.Fort cheeseburger is where i work. I take care in the K.Y.M laboratory(know your meme).
I fucking hate Counter UAVS.
Pony with my name again


http://www.some fake

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