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Commented on Itasha

While this is a Japanese-related meme, It’s not strictly a Japanese concept (or anime for that matter). I’ve seen a Spawn-themed Dodge Charger before and I’ve seen two Scions be transformed into a Nintendo Gamecube and an Xbox, respectively.

Feb 25, 2012 at 06:12PM EST

Commented on Know Your Meme

ROFL at the article, but it does need work.
However, I support this site needs an article on itself. You can google “Google” and Wikipedia has an article on itself for crying out loud! No different in my opinion.

Nov 05, 2011 at 01:57PM EDT

Added a video to Boku no Pico.

Oct 05, 2011 at 12:27AM EDT

Added a video to Boku no Pico.

Oct 05, 2011 at 12:26AM EDT

Commented on RayWilliamJohnson

Why hasn’t this been confirmed, yet?
+1 Confirm (please note it says person, not meme)

Oct 04, 2011 at 05:26PM EDT

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