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Hi all! Welcome to my profile!
…You’re still here? Well, alright then, I guess I’ll tell you a bit about myself.

Yeeeeeah, you aren’t finding out.

Because of my crippling paranoia of course!

Just kidding. The real reason is that when I come online, I try to keep “Stunthead” separate from “Real life me.” It also makes it easier for people to find other accounts I have, as I use the same name for all of them. Anyone you see online with the name “Stunthead” is probably me. Other than Stunthead Thomas from facebook. Whoever he is, kill him on sight. Don’t ask why I call myself “Stunthead.” I came up with it when I was ten and I’ve already forgotten. Oh, and before I forget, I pretend to be a giant Kraken on my steam account. Don’t bother asking why, I forgot that as well.

I can tell you that I’m a male brony who hails from the magical land of New Zealand. I’m heterosexual, but I’m willing to make an exception if your name is “DeadParrot222”
You DON’T know who DEADPARROT is?

THIS is Deadparrot. He is all that is good within this universe. He is life, he is love, and one day he will be MINE!
…wait, scratch that last one. I TOTALLY did not join for the sole purpose of stalking DeadParrot222. Yknow, cause that would be creepy, right? You guys believe me right? I’m not weird… I take pills for that…
Well, I LIKE them, but I don’t know much about them. I just thought it was a cool profile picture.
I’m a pretty big fan of video games (mainly TF2 and others by valve). I also enjoy the shows MLP: FiM, Adenture Time and Rick & Morty, as well as… uhh… dear god, I need more hobbies. Pass the meth.
My favorite pony is Rainbow Dash… And now, upon retrospect, I ask why. Best pony, however, is Derpy, because without her I wouldn’t be watching the show. Anything that gets ME involved with something MUST be the best. Just ask DeadParrot.

Oh, look, some profile music. Why not?

Plus some butts, because apparently this is a thing I like.

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Commented on Bae Come Over

Bae: Come over
Me: I can’t, I don’t have my drivers licence
Bae: You don’t need a licence to drive a sandwich

Jan 19, 2015 at 03:45AM EST

Commented on SQRT.PI.'s wall

How did you get that footage of me?!
…I mean, heh, yeah, funny…

Jan 03, 2015 at 06:09PM EST

Commented on Particle Mare's wall

Dear lord, it’s another horse-person from The Land of the New Zeals! Just like me! Hi!

Nov 21, 2014 at 08:40PM EST

Commented on cc9.gif

This happened to me once in the best possible way.
Teacher: What happens to the number?
Me: …It dies.
Teacher: Correct, it divides.

Nov 05, 2014 at 08:29PM EST

Commented on Mac in Tosh!

“In gaming lingo, ‘fun’ is often-”
No. No, it’s not. I haven’t even read the rest of the image yet, but the answer is no.

Oct 27, 2014 at 11:31PM EDT

Added a video to GamerGate.

Oct 27, 2014 at 07:28AM EDT

Commented on ......What?

Is it just me or does this have the same flow as those acronyms that we used to come up with in primary school to remember the order of the planets and stuff?
Mad, Villainous Eggman Makes Jizzy Sonic Unf Naughtily.

Oct 14, 2014 at 08:16PM EDT

Commented on Bloody hell

Sniper’s reaction to everything that happened to him in Blood in the Water.

Oct 03, 2014 at 07:17AM EDT

Commented on He Does It for Free

That picture from Arthur next to the title always makes me think it’s some sort of family friendly song about a kindly old guy character who does volunteer work.
“He cleans up the mess
For you and me
But the best part about it?
He does it for free!
He’s old man m00t, the jolly jan-it-or~”

♫ Saxophone Solo ♫

Sep 22, 2014 at 06:44PM EDT

Commented on Caramel's wall

Oh hey, I know you. Thanks for the follow! Hope you like butts, because if you don’t, well… you’re a bit stuck.

Sep 11, 2014 at 12:27AM EDT

Commented on PewDiePie

My opinion on Pewdiepie was reflected by a recent comment made by NerdCubed. A lot of people don’t like him, but his videos have a high production value (as in it’s more than him just sitting down talking, he actually does a lot of editing), plus he supports charity and indie developers. So he’s cool in my book. I stopped expecting… y’know, thought from the Youtube comment section a long time ago.

Aug 22, 2014 at 08:47PM EDT

Commented on Stunthead's wall

I’m posting this here so that I don’t lose it.

Jul 21, 2014 at 10:06PM EDT

Commented on Club Penguin

I played this game for a sorta embarrassingly long time. I only stopped playing around February earlier this year after the Fair.
Main reason I stopped is because they played too many of their trump cards in too short a length of time. The only things I had left to look forward to were the inevitable “Rockhopper Island” and “Turns out you can tip the iceberg after all” parties. Best example is the puffles. Getting a new one used to be a big deal, but then we got the legendary Rainbow and Golden puffles in quick succession. I stopped after they started putting out “Dino-puffles.” Dinosaur is not a colour, Club Penguin.

To it’s credit, though, at least they actually did end up doing stuff instead of holding onto their secrets forever. I remember how cool it was to finally find out who the director was…

Oh, and there was also this…

That’s from an official video of theirs. It made me laugh harder than it should have.

Jun 26, 2014 at 08:38PM EDT

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