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Hi there! How is your day going?
I’m a professional couch potato.
Have a couch? I can take a nap on it.

Movie – Clerks
Game Franchise – Legend of Zelda
Game – Ocarina of Time
Live action t.v. show – Boardwalk Empire
Animated t.v. show – My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
Best Pony – Fluttershy
Web Series – Nostalgia Critic
Band – The Offspring
Song – The End of the Line
Food – Pizza
Drink – Pepsi
That obnoxious portion of any group of people that seems to be the face of every group. (You know who you are.)
Fried chicken (Seriously, am I the only person on the planet that doesn’t think fried chicken is the greatest thing ever?)

I am –
A brony
A recreational pot-smoker
A dirty console peasant
A ’90s fag (I will fanboy over the ’90s & will never apologize for doing so)
I like turtles
I think Superman 64 is an extremely underrated game.

I uh…

I like Twilight

I consider myself both a feminist & an MRA
I like furries. I don’t consider myself a furry, or spend much time enjoying furry art, but I have a huge amount of respect for those who do. Furries just seem to be very wonderful people & I consider them allies.
I can make one hell of a bowl of cereal.

Zelda II is like buttsex. It’s painful at first, but if you loosen up and really take it in, it’s quite nice.

Two parts exposition, two parts filler, and one part movie. But God, I love it.

Get it?

Remember kids, if you kill someone, always take their shoes. It’s the rule of the streets.
Also ugly people are bad.

See: The Hangover

Get it!? High!? ‘Cause it’s a stoner movie?
That’s about the humor you can expect.
Puff puff – PASS!

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