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I browse frequently, more or less.
I’m always willing to try something new.

- I avidly watch anime nowadays.
Never even considered getting into this until the beginning of 2013. I’m currently keeping a list on MAL, so I don’t lose track, because my god is there an awful lot to see. I’m finding it enjoyable, not all perfect, but enjoyable.
- Although not everything has to be anime related, feel free to share whatever.

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Commented on Arlon The Serene (Free Cake)'s wall

Yeah I wasn’t expecting much from this show from the start, the characters are what drew me in, even if they weren’t really developed. I kind of like that assassin every week format though, seeing how it was a 12 episode series, in my opinion it fits the bill, especially since each character got their own ED which were pretty good, well except Sheina, which was kind of funny to me how they just disregarded her almost completely, I’ve seen that happen plenty of times for other characters in different series that aren’t as funny so that’s rare, but yeah sad. As for the loose ends maybe the OVA might help? I wouldn’t really know I’m too used to endings like this to complain as much….
Adaption from manga’s and LN can go only so far unfortunately at times. And the anime was produced more on the author’s notes after a certain point in the anime so they said, citation needed.

I have of plenty time to start reading a bunch of different manga now, so I guess I’ll be reading the show’s manga and put it on the list.

Jun 21, 2014 at 11:11PM EDT

Commented on Arlon The Serene (Free Cake)'s wall

7/10 series.
Little bit of Fun. Good characters. Story wasn’t all that serious so nothing really felt like a cop out for me, I mean there were a lot of crazy moments in the show that were unbelievable but made me laugh or chuckle.
How was it for you overall? I wasn’t convinced when some characters supposedly died, and well what do you know everything tuned out okay, no surprise there. It’s not going to be all that memorable but it was a fun ride. Hope for the manga?

Jun 21, 2014 at 04:35PM EDT

Commented on Emerson Grey's wall

Hmm, do tell Emerson, what words would you like to share with me?

Jun 08, 2014 at 12:42PM EDT

Commented on Arlon The Serene (Free Cake)'s wall

I just about bust a gut laughing when her outfit just burst open to reveal her cyborg form, like what are we for real? Man this show…
It is pretty hard to choose a favorite but I can narrow it down to just three around haruki, nio, and suzu. 
I like their charisma and personality’s the most, though theres something to like about all the characters.
I kind of connected the dots before it happened in ep 6, I mean what happens to romeo and juliet and all.
The show also practically ships the characters themselves.
But the question still remains about the conditions on those who failed, I mean we did see Otoya again.
I’m sure we’ll be hearing about everything and nio’s story soon, its too bad ill miss an episode while im on vacation

Jun 08, 2014 at 02:23AM EDT

Commented on Arlon The Serene (Free Cake)'s wall

I’ll let this list do the talking.
My highlights for this season are Hitsugi no Chaika, I’m really enjoying the characters and the story.
Gochuumon, its warm, the skits are funny, and im really liking the atmosphere.
Everything else is good in there own way, although one or two I’m still unsure if I should keep watching.
And there’s the finished aired ones Katanagari and Zetsubou that I’m watching
I plan to marathon the new Jojo season once it’s over.
But dude that latest Akuma episode. What was your reaction when it went full kill la kill? You have a favorite assassin?

Jun 07, 2014 at 11:49PM EDT

Commented on Arlon The Serene (Free Cake)'s wall

Your plan sounds a lot similar to a friend of mine IRL. It sounds like a good idea, I mean there’s a lot of things to consider especially since you have to know for sure what you want to study in college and all the money expenses. Though not everyone goes to college, and has their life in good standing, everyone is different.
I for one want to use my creative side behind a computer, since I’m most familiar with it, and this year really opened my eyes to some new things. But I’m not specific in what I want to do, like there’s gotta be a certain thing I wanna major in, but I’m still unsure of that. As long as its working with technology creatively I’m down with it, but its just a manner of looking in the right places.
Well anyway academics aside, how’s about your entertainment? Any shows you’re watching?
It’s too bad I’m going to be missing some finales while I’m on vacation…

Jun 07, 2014 at 10:59PM EDT

Commented on Arlon The Serene (Free Cake)'s wall

Hmm. Yea I think most people at this point just haven’t a care in the world, although they have us doing some work still.
For me it got exciting this last semester, I’d have to thank Film studies and Media studies for that, because those classes really had me working in aspect that I’d want to pursue for a career. Both had us work and create our own personal videos, as a result I’ve created my own music video, short movie, documentary, and an interactive video. In all I worked with editing tools on the computer, and man was I having such a thrill doing that, working with sounds, music, timing, direction etc. It just felt so right.
Assuming you mean where I’m heading grade wise, I’m heading toward my senior year of high school, and now this summer is all important to start touring colleges and visits and whatnot so that i can fill out all the applications that are going to start at the beginning of that year.
I kind of assume your a grade above me? Maybe even college already, or maybe you plan to go through the world in a journey of self discovery (I read book detailing something like that. I didn’t like it…)

Jun 07, 2014 at 08:50PM EDT

Commented on Arlon The Serene (Free Cake)'s wall

That its all ogre over.
(Well technically I still got three more school days before I’m officially out and flying off out of country on vacation for about a week.)
How was your exciting school year?

Jun 07, 2014 at 05:25PM EDT

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Well if isn’t the fluffy mod himself

Thanks for the follow, I’ll concur with a friendship

Jun 07, 2014 at 04:22PM EDT

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Mar 23, 2014 at 08:48PM EDT

Commented on Eris' wall

There is something almost poetic when a bored person on the internet befriends another bored person so that they can all get along with other fellow bored people, hopefully we can eventually make things interesting eh?

Mar 23, 2014 at 08:42PM EDT

Commented on f8a.gif

I added the video source under the notes. I didn’t even bother the other night, sorry about that.

Mar 18, 2014 at 05:35PM EDT

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