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I browse frequently, more or less.
I’m always willing to try something new.

- I avidly watch anime nowadays.
Never even considered getting into this until the beginning of 2013. I’m currently keeping a list on MAL, so I don’t lose track, because my god is there an awful lot to see. I’m finding it enjoyable, not all perfect, but enjoyable.
- Although not everything has to be anime related, feel free to share whatever.

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There is something almost poetic when a bored person on the internet befriends another bored person so that they can all get along with other fellow bored people, hopefully we can eventually make things interesting eh?

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I added the video source under the notes. I didn’t even bother the other night, sorry about that.

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That was a really weird thread…

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You know it’s things like this, you just gotta know where to look.
I have to find the right people to share things with now IRL, I always seem to willingly just spout whatever I just saw or read to some people without thinking, but most of the times I’m alone with whatever the things I’m into, but I’m used to it anyway. The Bronies I knew IRL would take things too far, and just stopped talking to me when I responded neutrally to the whole changing to alicorn fiasco and not “I’m super hyped!!!!!1” like they wanted me to.
Although I think I preferred the KYM Brony community over all the rest and nothing else, it was fun at least. It still stands that the pony was a nice ride for me here on KYM, I’m just glad I didn’t end up hating everything to do with ponies in the end.
How goes the show for you though? Is it getting better than that most season’s, like taking some risks maybe?

Feb 12, 2014 at 12:12PM EST

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(character limit again)
But anyway yeah…I guess I kinda wondered what they could possibly do with spike’s character now.
I was way too into the character man. I had a whole Gallery . Shoot, you’d think I was fit for some role playing or something. I can’t bring myself to delete the account with all that though, although I moved on, its sort of like a memoir.
During the seasons all I could do was just complain on how this should happen or I don’t know, I wanted some progress or something, and I held onto that for a long while, stupid anyhow.
Back when I said I was going to write that long post on spike’s character I realized that it wasn’t worth it, all spike serves as a character is just to prove a certain point, he’s not really all that special unless he’s written in some form.
I don’t know about now, but I’m not willing to find out, I’m too tired of all that…

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Sorry for the late response, pretty busy with schoolwork this week.
I have the day off tomorrow so we don’t have to wait for each other’s responses, big time zone difference after all. My evening when I’m available is pretty late at night for you I think.

So to tell you the truth I lost interest in MLP shortly after equestria girls, don’t get me wrong the movie was okay and I always loved the show but it just wasn’t sitting well with me anymore, a lot of the enjoyment came from the fandom but I grew tired of it, one thing lead to another, and i completely stopped doing anything pony related.

Feb 11, 2014 at 11:18PM EST

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Every time you put food in a pan of hot oil, it spatters in what feels like literately lava.

Nov 06, 2013 at 09:41PM EST

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