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Hello and welcome to all that have come to visit. I am the Tao Swordsman, but you all can call me either Aleron, Tao, Sword, whichever suits your fancy.

If you may have not noticed in the images I have submitted thus far; Yes, I do have some of the para---interests, as I like to call them…in some of the pics shown. I do write short stories about them from time to time, but a nit-pick about me is that I try to keep all that I do – unless stated otherwise – reader/viewer friendly for all. If you want proof, then visit my DeviantArt or FurAffinity pages.

Yes, shameful self-promotion, but eh, what other way to show than them? And I’m well aware of the…reputation…both sites have, but hey, not everyone’s an R34 nut job, ya know. Blame the really vocal minority of both sites for easily mucking up the images of ’em… >_>;

DeviantArt account: http://aleronssword.deviantart.com/

FurAffinity account: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/thetaoswordsman/

Oh, and to the original artists who happen to visit and see their pics here; I mean absolutely no harm in uploading them here. I’m well aware of the risks of angering you and/or your fans, but a simple note to me on either of my accounts – if you have one on said sites, that is or if you have one here – to take down the pic(s) and I shall do so without trouble.


Number of artists aware of their art being here: 2.

Not listing names for the sake of privacy.

Artist #1: Content so long as credit and origin links are provided.

Artist #2: Desires to not have their art uploaded here. Will uphold that and refrain from anymore uploads of their art, and have removed previous pictures.


The layout I will be using for the notes segments of the pics I submitted:

Original pic made by [site name] [user name].

Origin pic link here: [link to the first picture]

[notes or warnings about artist(s)]

[separator via 0]

[miscellaneous/personal notes]

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