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I’m an Espurr. I roam around the forums and check out the memes in this site. I also check out images, mostly MLP-related or funny ones in general. I’m respectful to anyone I meet, unless you don’t behave yourself. Then you should die.

Terry Wong (黄忠炫), 15, Malaysian Chinese. Interested in internet culture, thus joined in for research and lulz. Mosly the lulz.
Will gladly help in whatever Chinese-to-English translations.

I play racing games since I was a kid, so most games I play now are still racers. Favorites include Gran Turismo, Burnout series and Wipeout series.

I also enjoy any open-world games, like Grand Theft Auto, Fallout series and whatever you can think off. But anything that’s not taken place in present days or in the future aren’t very favorable for me.

Like everyone else, I like first-person shooters. To name a few, Team Fortress 2, Borderlands and many, many more. Just don’t talk about CoD or Battlefield. GTFO

There are some unique games that catches my eye, like Mirror’s Edge, The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker and Minecraft. Only a few indie games really make me throw money at my screen.

Currently own a working PlayStation 1, a rusty PlayStation 2, a half-decent gaming PC and nothing else.

Do I really need to say more?

Anything MLP related fascinates me. You like it? Join me! You hate it? It’s okay, you don’t get it anyway.
I don’t really care if anyone posts MLP porn or gore or, whatever. But dare lay anything on me. You can’t call me a minor if I can watch Saw 7 without flinching.

1) Echo

2) Fluttershy

3) Derpy

4) Dashie

woooo best lesbian

5) Sweetie Belle

6) Applejack

7) Twilght Sparkle

8) Scootaloo

9) The Doctor

10) Vinyl & Octavia

From left to right: Fiery Heart, Nero and Rai-jin, main characters for my canceled Borderlands/Acutal-MLP style fanfic Neverdawn, where it tells a story of a PTSD-laden mare trying to find her mother in a new Changeling country that was once Equestria. Also the difference between love and lust, affection and obsession.
I stopped the project pretty recently as school starts to pick up. I’d better make it a silent comic than a novel, it’ll appeal to more people.

…But don’t ask me why I came up with this.

If you like to draw any artwork from it or you’d like to help out then go ahead. Any help is good.

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