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Party Down All Day Erry Day

It’s your birthday? Party!

It’s your anniversary? Party!

Your kid gets an F? Party!

Lose your job? Party!

Parent’s die? Party!

Lose marriage and kids? Party!

Get evicted? Party!

Homeless? Party in a box with your rat and cockroach roommates. But it probably won’t be as fun.

Little known fact, Pinkie Pie co-wrote songs with KISS. Where do you think Rock And Roll All Nite came from? Yeah, it was her. That’s how awesome Pinkie is.

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Commented on I Took an Arrow in the Knee

Oh, how awful! Someone finds something funny that you don’t over and over again. You poor little snowflakes.

Even if something gets overused, it can still be funny countless times if you can just get over this stupid idea that everything funny has to be original. Here’s a newsflash: everything funny is either someone doing or saying something stupid, making fun of someone or something, or having something bad happen to others. This happens over and over in countless ways in comedies and in history throughout the centuries.

So basically, get over it. If people think it’s funny the 600th time, then it is obviously funny to some people even if you find it annoying as hell. I hate whatever a Bieber is but obviously people like it. People still throw pies at each other, fall on their faces, make fun of audience members, get in stupid and over the top situations, poke fun at our society and generally act like morons for a laugh and none of these things ever get old.

If an overused meme bothers you so much, you are far too short of patience, you should unplug your computer, and you should go find a hobby or something. I swear to the FSM, the butthurt over something so innocuous is ridiculous.

Anyway, +1 confirm.

Jan 15, 2012 at 11:35PM EST

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