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Heyo, I am “The Expert” as they like to call me in grade school. I enjoy ponies and video games like average men.

I wish to become an animator, author and Youtube celebrity so I can share my love of ponies to everyone.

Also, I hate Tiarawhy and every curse she’s put on us.

At first I trusted Tiarawhy like any other artist, she wasn’t a very good one, but I was still by her side hoping that she wouldn’t pull off any deceiving tricks. All has changed one she drew an undeniably disgusting piece of incestuous art of Twilight and her mother. From that day forward, I didn’t see Tiarawhy as a person anymore, but as a monster whom I regret ever putting my respect on. I had a grudge on ̶h̶e̶r̶ it for years waiting for that epitome of evil to create something I can fight it against with… and it did. But the problem is. They, the worshipers praising that thing for it.
Now I don’t hate rule 34 in general, I just hate it when “artists” draw heinous garbage like incest and pedophilia. But Tiarawhy makes an exception as my most hated and the worst artist I’ve ever heard of. Not because of the quality it posts, in fact I’ll give Tiarawhy the credit for having decent animating skills, but they’re just so hard to look at, everything Tiarawhy draws is so… Tiarawhy. It’s awful, but that’s just me being biased. Anther reason is that it ruined my favorite band of all time, Pendulum. When I go check the comments on a song Tiarawhy used on Youtube, I fear of bronies commenting, for two reasons. One: I fear they’ll get accused of ruining Pendulum even if they have nothing to do with Tiarawhy, and two: I fear that they’ll be a mindless Tiarawhy worshiper (which they are most of the time) trying to poison the comment thread and/or the song. Seriously, the amount of bronies in a Pendulum music video with a song Tiarawhy used in a Flash is astonishing, almost like they already poisoned the comment thread. The last and final reason is that Tiarawhy instigates the rule 34 on sites where it souldn’t be in. The most amount of porn I’ve seen on Youtube is pony porn. And who are the artists? Either Pokehidden or TIARAWHY, but Tiarawhy’s much worse since it isn’t pixelated. Tiarawhy isn’t the uploader for the videos, but she instigates rule 34 on Youtube which instigates “bronies” with weak minds to upload them. Also, I’ve checked Tiarawhy’s Facebook, and I saw a sneak peek of an upcoming Flash that showed a bit of genatailia. Now I don’t go on Facebook, so I don’t know their regulations, but I’m sure that’s breaking one of them. And that is why Tiarawhy is the worst pony artist (maybe even the worst in general) on the internet.

Tiarawhy is niether dead nor alive, it has always been with us since the beginning of time, creating evil as we age. Tiarawhy must be stopped, it doesn’t belong here. But as long as those worshipers keep praising it, we’ll always be doomed.

I need to stop this now, I’m getting sick of saying that name.

The Expert will not be with us today. He is on his road to victory. So I will be filling for him until he gets back.

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