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I still like Spongebob, go ahead and hate Haters.
I also like Adventure Time, Regular Show, Gravity Falls and others.
I not a brony, but I don’t hate the show.
I prefer cartoons over live action shows but some TV shows I like include Community, 30 Rock, How I Met Your Mother, Modern Family, New Girl and others
As you can see they’re mostly comedies, but I do like “Drama” (non comedy) shows like Breaking Bad, Walking Dead, and others.
Me on Books: F**K Twlight, any book that’s not in the vein of Twilight is okay to me. (unless that book is racist, sexist or just bad)
On the Game Front, I like Mario, Legend of Zelda, Pokemon and others.
Yeah I’m a Nintendo fan but I don’t criticize people who prefer Sony or Microsoft.
I also like sports, mostly Football (or American Football for the people outside the U.S) but I have an interest in all sports.
And that’s me
PS: Yankees Suck!

Other sites you’ll find me in:
My Tumblr
My DeviantArt

Also, I’m now tagging all the memes, images, gifs, expand dongs and artwork I’ve made for this site and others under theant.

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