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Commented on "Y U NO" Guy

Well, it does appear to be catching on. And Tumblr does seem to be a guiding force for some memes, so I guess it looks legit.

HOWEVER, I feel the origin goes only so far back. I’ve seen this image even before the wallpaper was posted, usually on image boards such as 4chan. Sadly, I don’t know where the image originated, but I can say the image was not created with the wallpaper.

With that, I’ll give it a +1 work for this entry. More entries need to be put and need to be shown where else this type of meme has been shown elsewhere than Tumblr and Meme Generator. Sure, they can be sources! But it’s not enough to convince that this meme has become popular throughout the internet.

Oct 01, 2010 at 03:40PM EDT

Commented on ニーサン (Nii-san) / Pimping Ed / Ed Relaxing

Ah, you beat me to it!

Well, I hope for a well explained history of this meme. As far as I could find, this meme is also known as ‘Pimping Ed’ in image boards like 4chan, and may have surfaced around 2007.

Unfortunately, this is all I have, and I do hope for more information and derivates to arrive soon.

For now, +1 Wait,
and then a later +1 Confirm.

Jul 27, 2010 at 03:13AM EDT

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