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It’s in italian, even if it’s full of typos and written in an hilariuos way. I’ll try to translate it, maintaining the effect.

1: Drln Dlon
DOLAN: “Hwo’s ringing i’ve to ilsten to hwat ttaht shtiface of Traglio (Travaglio, journalist) is saying”
TV: *YarZero" (AnnoZero = Year Zero, television program that discusses political events)

2: GOOFY: "Dolan, we’re the “Guardia di Finanza” (military corps dealing with customs, excise and tax crimes in Italy). We must check if you’ve a television because you’re not paying the “Canone” (In Italy, every citizen pays the “Canone RAI”, a tax dedicated for the maintenance of 3 public television channels)"
DOLAN: “Wut!”

3: DOLAN: "Ere it is my “Canone”, son of a bitch!" Bang

4: Nayway, Mr. Agent, i garthe informations only on teh net, like Beppe Grillo (comic, political activist and italian blogger who focuses his effort on getting rid of the spread corruption in the italian politicians) says."
TV: “Belusconi… Mafia… Lard… Work… AHAH

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