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I am a Non-Denominational Christian (No Westboro Baptist Church member here… Wait is that a Meme yet? If not it should be. Steven! Get to work on that!) I believe in separation of Church and State NOT State and Church (I believe that government should be taken out of Church, but that Church should stay in government) I’m home schooled. I’m in Track & Field. I’m a major Tobuscus fan (I helped TheAnti-Troll write that Meme :3). I used to be an Major gamer, then high school started. I’m not quite yet sold on the Brony thing. Don’t really have enough time for it even if I was. I don’t really have a lot of time to be on here (Because of said high school), but when I am, you’ll see me around. Until then…
I am an unworthy servant of the Most High.
I am the brightest flame in the darkest night.
I am the one who guides you.


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