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“I will become the comment king!”

Is what I said to myself 9 months after I joined KYM. Though this may sound like a strange thing to suddenly strive for after 9 months of near in-activity; for me, this is when I truly became a member. As I had received a drive for notoriety and status in this great community, after seeing the amount of progress of those the likes of General Yi and Advance- both of which had joined around the same time as I had. And with that, I got myself a profile pic and started commenting away- abiding by that which I had set out before myself.
To become the comment king.

And I still do…

Anyway, with that out of the way; I’m thegreato :)
My interests include: Anime (One Piece and Gurren Lagann being my favorites- as of now)
Videogames (PS3 and Computer)
Meme related things
Music, my generas being: Rock, Classic Rock, Classical, Symphonic, and Symphonic Metal=(ex. wizards last rhymes)

And for more about me, I am an Athiest; but I am very respectful of others beliefs and will not ever attack you on any of those grounds whatsoever; even though personally at my best i’m very passive of theism (almost exclusively that of organized religion). But mainly, I want to put out there that i’m at heart, friendly, open, carry the inspirational attitude of “Who the hell do you think I am!” and more that happy to discuss topics,and become friends with anyone who wants to be; my crew is always open.

Also, my steam account name is KYM Thegreato. Feel free to friend me if you want!

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