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This account is really old. It was almost deleted but I gave up on that and decided to simply change the name and delete the most embarrassing comments.
This account is cure and cancer.
This account likes food.
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Commented on Actually It's About Ethics

That’s the only thing you ever did since this whole thing started: “mock the sexist neckbearded shitlords, laugh at them”. Then wonder why no one takes you seriously, why everyone hates you and why everyone from Europe thinks that Americans (or amerifags or americunts) are stupid. Did you even notice that there is a problem in the entire gaming industry before you heard about the so-called “Gamergate”? Even the name is all wrong and “Gamergaters” now have to accept that they are “gamergaters”. Did you even know that “Gamergate” was supposed to mock ZQ and silly people such as yourself? Did you even bothered to research all examples of corruption and paid reviews in the last 20 years or did the journalists only got your attention with the word “sexism”? Did you even bothered to look at the state of the gaming industry before this whole thing started or did you simply dismiss any thought with “haha conspiracynuts”? Actually, do you even play games or did you end up here when you heard the famous american buzzword “sexism”?

I don’t see this meme ANYWHERE. I wouldn’t even know about it if it weren’t mentioned by “Mary Sue”-that ridiculous site that sees sexism in everything.

Jan 23, 2015 at 09:24AM EST

Commented on GamerGate

Most of the days, I don’t have time for Gamergate. I have more important news to read about and I don’t even care about those news, because they are all based on foreign (NATO powers) propaganda news.
But even while I try to stay out of it because incoherent whining of western far-left activists make me sick, I can’t. That american far-left won’t shut up about how Gamergate is dead and so they remind me about them every few weeks.
They surely don’t mind this controversy as much as some think they do. In fact, I am convinced that they think that any kind of controversy is good for them and therefore, they happily generate more controversy in order to bring more clicks and more cash..

What did I miss? Or what didn’t I miss? Obviously, the controversy is not large enough because I can’t hear it over here, in my country in Southeastern Europe. I have to log in on the internet and search for the news if I want to hear anything about Gamergate. Did anyone attempt to spread the news to more European countries in the recent weeks?

Jan 07, 2015 at 08:30AM EST

Commented on GamerGate

I don’t know if others know, but I just learned that is against Gamergate. And they use the usual “GG is about muhsoggyknee and harrasment and Z.Q. and they are evil”, along with complete lies and slander. What the fuck, Telegraph!?? I didn’t expect far-left propaganda on their site.

Nov 15, 2014 at 03:37AM EST

Commented on GamerGate

Matt Taylor was bullied by social justice warriors. Show him your support:

Nov 15, 2014 at 03:13AM EST

Commented on GamerGate

Remember, women should wear ANYTHING they want!

But men…they should shut the fuck up already and let feminazis choose for them.

Nov 14, 2014 at 05:19PM EST

Commented on GamerGate

Not related to gaming, but….a man just landed a spacecraft on a comet and the only thing the far-left journalists cared about is his shirt. In the end, they bullied him into apologising for something that isn’t even wrong.
This far-left cancerous bullshit needs to be eradicated before it spreads any further!

Nov 14, 2014 at 04:44PM EST

Commented on 113.jpg

Some of them are part of corruption, some of them aren’t gamers and some of them have a shitty taste in games.
No exception. Ever.

Nov 08, 2014 at 04:17PM EST

Commented on 1df.jpg

I love Jojo. Who doesn’t like Jojo? Feminais?

Nov 08, 2014 at 04:06PM EST

Commented on Wreck-it Ralph on GG

In real life, little babies scream at adults. Far-left on the internet cries whenever someone tries to argue with them.

Nov 08, 2014 at 04:00PM EST

Commented on 87d.png

Game “Journalists”-we don’t like games, so allow us to lecture you.

Nov 08, 2014 at 03:57PM EST

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