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Some Shuckle have been trained to annoy their opponents.
And then there’s me.

A Pokémon fanatic ever since Ruby/Sapphire, you’ll find me on this site rather often, looking at the Pokémon Image Gallery. Contrary to my name, I hate other trolls, but I tend to trust before mistrusting.
Like a couple of other users on this site, you’ll find me flip-flopping back and forth between my RP as a Shuckle with both class and a sharp tongue, and my normal chatter as an everyday member of the Interwebs. I’m usually the friendly type either way, and expect me to add my own comment to one of yours rather often.

Just don’t push me or my friends on this site to their breaking point.
Otherwise, I hope you brought a downvote shield.

RP Battle Theme:

Normally easygoing, but when you push me to the edge, you pay the price.
RP Furious Battle Theme:

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