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Hi. My name is Mark. I was born in Canada, which in my opinion, is a great place :P
I have strange views on things.
I LOVE talking to people cause I don’t really have friends.
Hm… I have so much more to say.
1)I support communism
2)I speak Russian
3)I love Russia.
4)I am VERY stereotypical when it comes to Americans.
5)I always 100% of the time have nightmares.
6)I’ve only had 1 good dream in all my life.
7)I can program in JavaScript, C#, and Java
8) I run a small indie development team.
9)I have insomnia
10) I have an emotional disorder where I feel my emotions 2x stronger. 2x happier, 2x more depressed, etc.
11) Martial Arts is my LIFE!

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Nice writing :P
*If I ever figure out how! I’m kind of a noob *I’ll follow you :D

May 24, 2012 at 09:55PM EDT

Commented on Mexx Android's wall

It seems like the space time continuum broke, causing Mexican robots, and other Mexican items to come out of space.

Is that where you came from?

May 24, 2012 at 02:21AM EDT

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I have a question for you –
If a stick is covered with fry, and the fry is covered with fried chicken, and the fried chicken fry-stick is covered in cheese, and the cheese-covered-fried chicken fry-stick is dipped in ketchup, and the ketchup-cheese-covered fried chicken covered fry-stick is dipped in BBQ sauce, and the BBQ sauce-ketchup-cheese covered fried chicken covered fry-stick is put in a blender, and then spread over toast –
If you ate it – would you be eating your own kind, or a monster 0.o

May 24, 2012 at 02:18AM EDT

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