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Hi. My name is Mark. I was born in Canada, which in my opinion, is a great place :P
I have strange views on things.
I LOVE talking to people cause I don’t really have friends.
Hm… I have so much more to say.
1)I support communism
2)I speak Russian
3)I love Russia.
4)I am VERY stereotypical when it comes to Americans.
5)I always 100% of the time have nightmares.
6)I’ve only had 1 good dream in all my life.
7)I can program in JavaScript, C#, and Java
8) I run a small indie development team.
9)I have insomnia
10) I have an emotional disorder where I feel my emotions 2x stronger. 2x happier, 2x more depressed, etc.
11) Martial Arts is my LIFE!

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