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tl;dr: TL10 is a Canadian Mormon Redditor who like Hockey, Need For Speed, Uncharted, Flashpoint, Minecraft, and NASA. His PSN is xTL10x.

Now here’s a gif of a Gaben-sized Bane dancing:

I do research on articles. If you’ve made something that I recognize, I’ll send you a request to become an editor for your article. Just because I’m editing your article, it doesn’t mean that I like the meme, person and et cetera. I do it just so that the entry looks somewhat complete. If you add me as an editor to an entry of which I have no prior knowledge on, I will try to contribute, but I can’t promise that I can get it confirmed. I have extensive knowledge of what has been and currently are popular on Reddit, but for research I often resort to Google.

If you are a new member, please remember to submit actual memes that are in widespread existence, rather than something you just created or is an inside joke among your friends. If you want help on how to create a good entry, message me and I’ll teach you what to do. Alternatively, you can go here and here instead.

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