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Commented on Dead Celebrity Anagrams

Wow! This has been a blast! So, my idea is shot down. BIG SURPRISE!!! One thing I’m amazed at, though, is the absolutely terrible writing skill of the reviewer. Do you even look at what you’re typing? And you’re supposed to be some kind of EXPERT on language???
Also, I learned in a big way that NOTHING catches on like good old, flame throwing conflict. Some of these replies have been hilarious and a guy lurking as “Some Rot” (very clever!) is now following my blog (more shameless self promotion: but unfortunately left a really gross animated gay anal gif on there, so now I have to moderate comments… thanks KYM! Your “memebers” reflect the highest qualities of thoughtful intellectual pursuit.
But, I have to say I’m somewhat humbled. I was completely unaware of the purpose of this site, and only through my own laziness. In the end though, I realize I don’t need any of you shitheads to break through to a higher level. You all suck yourselves!
That’s very liberating. AND, snidely, you’ve admitted my idea has merit! Very cool! If nothing else, I’ve come away with what I really wanted – a little validation that this idea can work. And I don’t have to keep sucking your schlongs, all the while pretending how marvelous it is to be in your company. Sorta like coddling Neanderthals by the campfire while waiting for my Homo Erectus buds to swoop in and wipe out your whole knuckle-scraping tribe… (continued)

Sep 06, 2011 at 12:59AM EDT

Commented on Dead Celebrity Anagrams

(continued) As far as self promotion is involved, you’re all a bunch of hypocrites if you pretend you’re not doing the very same thing. The entire web is nothing but a giant circle-jerk designed to squeeze dollar signs from the Bulbourethral gland, and sites like this are merely mimicking the vas deferens’ primary purpose: wantonly spitting out man-juice… so you can pretend if you want to that this is some sort of pseudo-reviewer destination, but it’s just a giant shell game, foisted on unsuspecting noobs and run by a bunch of rank amateurs incapable of actually producing something. Only vomiting on the works of others… Have YOU ever tried to create something funny? It’s much easier to smugly sit and pass judgement on the works of others, and poorly write it to boot!

So suck my balls everybody! I’ll continue on my merry way without ever considering you A-Hos ever again, consigned to the slag heap of my infinitely brighter mind. As far as I’m concerned KYM is like one of those blowjob poetry sites that promises to make you a published author… so long as your payment is enclosed. But it has been fun…

So fuck off, Know Your Meme… or should I say, the “Men, We Yuk Room!”

Sep 06, 2011 at 12:57AM EDT

Commented on Dead Celebrity Anagrams

oh, and btw… I notice this denigrated concept is trending right now… thereby blowing your whole charade… if you want, you can go to and see the rest of these shitty ideas…

Sep 05, 2011 at 02:32PM EDT

Commented on Dead Celebrity Anagrams

Schnooper Doop, of course I’m not mad. I seriously couldn’t give a shit what any of you turd balls thinks or says… I was unclear about what this site is supposed to do. Now it’s very clear. It gives dull, unimaginative people a chance to piss on a creator’s leg and tell him it’s raining outside. And, possibly, make a decent living shitting on other people’s creations without contributing an iota of creative thought to the universe. The world is filled to capacity with such people, but I don’t care. I move forward, happy in my little creative bubble.

Perhaps I should have dug deeper into the purpose of this site, but the shitheads who run it don’t make it clear from the onset, without having to dig in to tiresome FAQs and other such rubbish which only serves to make them feel important.

There’s an old saying “those who can create, create. those who can’t, shit in a creator’s mouth and tell him it’s pudding.”

I’m glad I had this experience. It only serves to reinforce something I realized in grade school. Most people are incapable of an original thought. And coming across someone who does scares the shit out of them and only serves to illustrate how pathetically average they are. Hence, it’s easier to corner a kid in the schoolyard and beat the snot out of him than to try and deal with true creativity.

Also, Lenin’s first name was Vladimir, not Vladamir… but you would know that if you truly were an agent of the Red cyberpolice… either way, commies can suck my balls…

Sep 05, 2011 at 02:28PM EDT

Commented on Dead Celebrity Anagrams

Wow! OK… I THINK I get it… you’re all a bunch of elitist snobs incapable of an original thought. Only the ability to shit all over a creator’s head… as Leonardo said “the only thing MOST people are capable of making is another turd or a giant piss after a good grog and a turkey leg” and truer words were never spoken.

I have come away from this with the realization that memes are really spontaneously generated without an agenda to drive traffic to a site, hence the dream of striking it rich. Isn’t that EVERYBODY’S secret wish?

What is KYM but another commercial enterprise? You’re all seriously full of shit, clothed in some sort of undeserved superiority complex. But I thank you for allowing me to further tweak the idea and to consider launching the final version as a dot com enterprise.
For that I’ll be eternally garateful… and seriously pissed!

Sep 05, 2011 at 12:12PM EDT

Created a meme entry for Wi-Fido!.

Sep 02, 2011 at 01:55PM EDT

Commented on Spoonerisms (

This meme is awesome! It just proves that this website is bogality incarnate. Seeing some of the memes approved makes me question the sanity of the editors if they can’t see that a spoonerism is the very essence of meme. Good Luck! Take it elsewhere and it’ll fly…

Oct 23, 2009 at 12:41PM EDT

Created a meme entry for Wi Fido.

Oct 16, 2009 at 01:40AM EDT

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