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Meh, people still trying to be edgy by hating ponies. Big whoop.
Thank God it wasn’t Pinkie though, I would’ve raged eternally if it was.

May 12, 2013 at 06:43AM EDT

Commented on 4a1.png

To start off, I like you Baluh, you think the same way I do.

I personally think the only reason season 3 was underwhelming was mainly cause of the hiatus before, (7 months of no pone can be harmful to your health) which inflated the fandom’s expectation for the new season.
Also, the 13 episodes thing also had ALOT to do with the thought that season 3 was worse, mainly cause people expected the same amount from 13 episodes in season 3 as they did from the 26 episodes from the first 2 seasons, which is a pretty silly way of thinking.
If you look at the first 13 episodes of the first 2 seasons, and try to put them as stand alone seasons, they would run the exact same way as season 3 did, supposedly underwhelming. Season 1 only had about 4 episodes which are still talked about in high regard (Winter Wrap Up, Bridle Gossip, Griffon the Brush Off and MAYBE Boast Busters)
Now compare that to season 3, with the exact same number (Too Many Pinkie Pies, Sleepless in Ponyville, Keep Calm and Flutter On and Just for Sidekicks).
Honestly this graph speaks alot of truth, though I DO agree that, as a fandom, we went through alot of shit this season, but that that’s beyond the point.

The show hasn’t really change, YOUR expectations have.

Tl;dr: Keep calm and enjoy the pone.

As an apology for the wall of text, here, have Flufflepuff:

Mar 29, 2013 at 03:58PM EDT

Commented on Ready, set, argue!

Oh boy here we go:

-People who think that the series is going downhill and giving no proof in the process, and ‘SEASON 1 WAS THE BEST BECAUSE FAUST’ doesn’t count.
-People who think they need to tell everyone that they’re leaving the fandom, like anyone cares, leave the fandom if you’re leaving, don’t go around yelling ‘THIS FANDOM HAS GONE TO SHIT BLAH BLAH BLAH’.
-And also, as much as I hate to admit it, the whole ‘love and tolerance’ thing is getting kinda old, and it just makes us come off as passive aggressive. We’re human, and if somebody acts like an asshole, then treat him as such. Look, I’m not saying you stop using it, if works for you, cool, but as somebody who’s tried to uphold and failed, I say we adopt a more ‘ignore’ type attitude when dealing with haters.

Just my 0.02$, and sorry for the rant, here, have Taco Twi as an apology:

Mar 08, 2013 at 03:18PM EST

Commented on 536.png

It’s official.
Hasbro broke Advance, due to the lack of a Rarity episode.

Jan 25, 2013 at 04:03PM EST

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