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Just some guy in high school, that has some skills in photoshop, and will make some images that is going on in the internet world.

Well you know my name, I guess I didn’t see the thing saying, what you put in you First and Last will be your Profile name, so because of that, I still have it as that, and since I’ve been known on the MLP Image board as that name, then yeah, why change it.
Oh yeah, I hate them, so fucking much. Why? They fucked up Spyro, and made him into a pokemon rip-off, and that’s really bad, since I do not care about Pokemon, basically make him, a fucking pawn now, and use his name just because, they’re are still people who loved the original games, so just slap him in. and because of that, I hate them to death, I hate CoD as well. But most of my hatred is because of Spyro.
I came in KYM to basically be in the MLP image board and comment on shit, I mean, I look around here, but it was mostly because of MLP, Especially since, before I joined KYM, I was like a Brony in Denial, I was just going to look at this show’s first season, after the rise of them of Summer of 2011, And when I was going to watch it, I wanted to know, what is a Brony, How is this fandom like? So I was like literally taking note to everything I seen. But first, I need to watch the show you know, But I thought, best case scenario, is just, I see the good, but I didn’t really want to continue, and I would be proud that such a show, has this phenomenon, and its deserving for such praise and attention. But I didn’t know, that Slowly, I was becoming one of them, I was like, “One episode a week” To “Two episodes a week.” To “One episode a Day.” to “Fuck it, lets finish this season.” And It just was, I was surprise that, I was seeing good in it, and some of it, I couldn’t understand, what’s having such a charm in it. Where I have succumbed, is when I was watching the Season one Finale, I know the exact point, At the gala Song, That’s where I finally give up, but I was in the denial stage. But slowly, after I catched up and I was waiting every week for the next episode, I was starting to show myself to stuff like this, And soon enough, I fully embraced it, and if people ask me if I’m a Brony on the street, I’ll say yes, and also have Pony t-shirts, and I wear them in public, so I am a Proud Brony, But, even though I love this show, I WILL criticize the show, I will point out what is not good in the show, and I will express if an episode is bad. Just because its MLP, does not give it a free pass.
Currently none at the moment, Might start watching Avatar the last airbender, and Korra soon, as well as, Adventure time.
It’s just the way I am, If you ever ask me for an opinion on something, that I have watched or played, and it sucks, I will show no mercy unless there is a special reason. Also, If I hate something so much, and you even like it, I might be like "What the fuck is wrong with you?. Though If I hate something, but it didn’t like you know “hurt me” or offended me, and you like it, I might ask “Why?” Not in a insulting way, but like, I honestly want to know why? So yeah, For example, If you like Skylanders, I will be fucking pissed at you, and most likely I will be for the rest of my life. But if I just don’t care about a thing, and you like it, Its your opinion, so basically, yeah, I can be snappy when it comes to opinion.

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