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Moderation is for pussies.
Fun Fact: The Internet is predominantly liberal. If you haven’t figured this out, you’re probably one yourself.
And now- An in depth (sort of (not really)) study of stances on the internet in conjunction with various political issues.
(Fiscal Concerns) – Center Left
(Gay/Lesbian Marriage) – Hard Left (Though a slight relapse has been spreading throughout, but not because of religion)
(Medial Bias) – Center Left
(Racism (in terms of prevalence)) – Right
(Gun Control) – Center Right
(Health Care) – Left I think…
(Environmental Concerns) – Right
(Religion) – So hard left it’s almost a lost cause
(Immigration) – Left
(Abortion) – Center Left
Statism = The ultimate enemy
I’m a Japanese male living in who gives a shit land here to tell you what is and what isn’t whether you like it or not.
Fascism: Is it Right Wing?
//An essay by yours truly//

From what I understand, a lot of people have a very loose interpretation on the political spectrum of left and right wing ideologies. Before we get into this shit neck deep, lets brief ourselves on what the current status of the standard interpretation of this scale is.
Right wing extremism is often synonymous with Nazi ideology due to their standards on subject matters such as homosexuality and racial purification. Hitler himself was both racist and homophobic, and no one can deny that (and no crap about Hitler being secretly gay). However, to assume that those beliefs alone make up the entirety of the Nazi or Conservative mindset is absolutely absurd. We first need to understand what the term Right wing means. Let’s recap.

The Left wing extreme is referred to by many as communism. This is because the left wing ideology believes that government should have more involvement in whatever issues may be present. Communism is a totalitarian system devised and controlled by a super massive governmental body. Communism as a whole though is usually nothing more than an economic principle (equally distributed wealth) which on its own seems lovely, but the only way to achieve such a goal is to forcefully break and resemble the economy and everyone participating through harmful government interference. This is why communism has been synonyms with mass murder (see: The Soviet Union) and radical militant Atheism. Why Atheism? In order for government to have complete control over someone, they must eliminate any other entity that would be placed higher than itself. God and communism cannot co-exist unless a communist leader were to proclaim himself as either a profit, or even God.

So left wing extremism is bad, and even liberal democrats will agree that regardless of whether or not they believe in socialism, communism just doesn’t work. So how is the right wing fascist doing? Well, if you have been paying any attention, you would realize that a ‘right wing fascist’ is an oxymoron. Fascism, despite being communism’s long time rival, believes in the same fundamental it does: HUGE FUCKING GOVERNMENT. Hitler is a token example of a totalitarian leader. He controlled everything. In fact, Hitler believed himself to be a sort of God to the German people, thinking he would create some sort of aryan utopia (see: Hitler and the Occult (Yah. He went there)). So saying he’s Christian, Catholic, or Atheist is incorrect, as he, in a way, created his own religion.

Right wing extremism has found itself synonymous with pious devotion and religious extremism, particularly Christianity. This assumption is usually the reason why so many people on both sides think all conservatives are religious because of their general view on things such as abortion and gay/lesbian marriage. But there are plenty of non-religious conservatives to go around, such as action movie star Bruce Willis, shock rock artist Marilyn Manson, and “Atlas Shrugged” author Ayn Rand (which actually encourages atheism). This kind of thinking is dangerous because it directs attention away from what right wing ideologies really are.

The Right has one fundamental belief that is shared amongst themselves. Please cement this as far into your skull as you can because this is the entire point of this long ass editorial. This belief is SMALLER GOVERNMENT. The less government interference, the better. This is what all conservatives believe, and why separation of church and state was put in place. Not to keep church out of the government, but to keep government out of the church. Ironic, isn’t it? Right wingers believe in loose gun control, free markets, and little to no censorship. The media likes to paint the right as a group of racist, homophobic, misogynistic, fat, gun-toting, burger eating, filthy rich, no-fun-allowed fascist. Why? Because it makes their side look better of course. That’s not saying the right wing media (or what’s left of it) doesn’t do the same, or that there aren’t conservatives who think like this, but the purpose of this article is to identify what the right really believes. Not identify the butt dump that is our media. The right in reality consist more of middle class suburban families. These families work average wage jobs and have just as many problems as the 99% do. The difference is they don’t want to have to deal with other people looting from their pockets so the lazy can afford their new car. In other words, the government needs to stop relying so much on other people’s money.


All this talk about how fascism and conservatism are in reality very different, it makes you wonder: “Well Venting Conservative, if Nazism isn’t right wing extremism, what is?” Well if you’ve actually read this far, you’d already know. For those who read the annotation above first, you might be surprised to find out that it’s actually Anarchy. Yah. Anarchy. The belief that there should be no government. To think that the up tight, snobby rich conservative actually has more in common with the teenager shouting profanities while throwing molotov cocktails and rocking out to Megadeath. Baffling, isn’t it. That’s not saying that full blown anarchy isn’t bad. Of course we need some government (those taxes won’t pay themselves). But at least in anarchy, you have the illusion of free choice so long as you have the biggest gun. Though most times, anarchy is used as a gateway to communism, the principle as a whole is strictly right wing. Some people will say that anarchy is not right wing because it involves no government instead of small government, which is stupid. That’s like saying the units on a ruler should go from 12 to 1 instead of 12 to 0. People will pull anarchy away from right wing ideology for two reasons. One, as mentioned before, anarchy is usually a gateway to communism. A government can’t be established until the old one is overthrown. Two, the thought of anarchy is synonymous to people as the ultimate symbol of freedom. Most young voters see anarchist as the cool, rebellious, and often good looking fighters for the cause. Anarchy is in most media aimed at teens and young adults, including video games (see: Every sandbox game ever), movies, and comic books. They are the ones who stand up and fight against the evil corporations so you don’t have to… Okay, I added that last part. Because of this perceived perception of cool (that’s not redundant at all), they want to make sure that these anarchist are as distant from their right wing brethren as possible. Why? Because conservatives suck. No seriously. That’s their reason.

All and all, I wanted everyone to know what a right winger like me really stands for. We don’t hate foreigners. We don’t hate gays or lesbians. We don’t hate women. We just wish that government would give us some space. So the next time The Young Turks talk about the bigotry of the right wing parties (conservatism, libertarianism, anarchy), you now know they have no idea what they’re talking about.

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I also would like to point out that every internet news site at this point in time is violently jerking off to this event as it is apparently the greatest human rights (fuck I said it) revolution since Martin Luther King’s “I Had A Dream.”

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Gay rights.
Gun rights.
Speech rights.
Privacy rights.
Women’s rights.
Men’s rights.
Here’s a great activity. Make a political argument of any kind without using the word “rights.” I think the word has long past lost its meaning.

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Why is it that every time I visit this site, there’s always a new fucking controversy? This social justice horse shit is getting way to common to be funny or interesting.

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I know I’m gonna get a lot of grief for this, but am I the only one who found the plot for ‘Bats!,’ with the exception of Flutterbat, to be somewhat predictable? I mean of course the uneducated redneck hick is in the wrong and the animal loving hippie is the way to go. It’s like this in every show ever. And I’m not saying this because I’m conservative (okay, maybe a bit). I just found it to be a bit boring. The moral is nice though.

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What’s flapping? That sounds painful.

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I don’t know whether to be happy or cringy…

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Wait… Steven Universe actually got popular?!

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Wait… Steven Universe actually got popular?!
AND beat Legend of Kora?!

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I also have to admire Megan for replying in a calm and collective manner without insulting him. That’s some serious self control.

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Can someone please explain to me how this song is terrible? I think it’s okay. It’s not spectacular, but don’t think it’s deserving of all these crazy negative reaction gifs. I know it’s standard when compared to other songs, but I think the judgement is coming off very one-sided here.

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Well since I’m now apparently female, I shall be addressed as Princess V. Conservative. It sounds so much prettier than queen.

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