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Commented on Nicki Minaj's "Anaconda"

How is this still trending? It’s a bad album, you see her butt on the cover…. is there anything else?

Aug 26, 2014 at 07:34AM EDT

Commented on The United States of Video Games

I sort of feel like the various sports games are cheating: all that means is that some portion of the game takes place in that state. The sports games take place wherever there is a stadium, so they take place all over. Saying they take place in these other states really means “nobody has set a game in this state before.”

Aug 17, 2014 at 11:52PM EDT

Commented on "yeah cause I couldn't tell the difference"

Trigun was great until they ran out of money and it turned into a bunch of still shots with horribly animated mouths flapping so they could have dialogue. All I ever heard Vash and Wolfwood during those parts was “PLEASE. KILL ME.”

May 18, 2014 at 09:23AM EDT

Commented on "yeah cause I couldn't tell the difference"

Ya see. Trolling aside:

There are some great animes. There are some great cartoons. There are also some really, really, terrible animes and cartoons. I’m not talking about ‘our opinions will differ’, either or ‘you aren’t the target audience’ either. Even within a single series, you can see an anime go from great to crap.

Trigun, for example. Trigun was brilliant until they ran out of money and the animation budget turned into ‘still screens that we pan across’ and ‘still images that we added mouths to, you know, the exact same kind of mouth they use in South Park and Robot Chicken’. After that point it turned into "well crap, lets see how much time we can kill’. Pinky and the Brain was a great cartoon… then the network got involved and gutted the whole premise.

May 18, 2014 at 09:18AM EDT

Commented on Bikini Bridge

To anyone who thinks you need to be anorexic for this to happen:

You don’t. Maybe it’s a facet of genetics that some women have it and some don’t. I can’t say. My wife has this, and she’s not anorexic by any stretch of the imagination.

It’s amazing that, for the purpose of ’women’s rights’ and ‘healthy body image’, people are so willing to condemn and/or shame a giant group of otherwise healthy women just because they don’t like that someone out there finds it attractive. Should women be shamed for being fat? No. Of course not. Judging them as ‘too thin’ and demanding they ‘eat a cheeseburger’ is exactly the same as telling a fat woman to ‘stop eating so much’.

Jan 08, 2014 at 08:42AM EST

Commented on Nightcore

“So, the people of Youtube didn’t realize it because they had no idea who or what Nightcore is/was, but they were TOTALLY imitating Nightcore and using their style.”

Dec 23, 2013 at 08:05AM EST

Commented on Will You Press The Button?

You can go to a website with an endless sea of funny stuff on it


Bronies have hijacked it so about 25% of the content is related to a TV show that only they care about… and most of it is full of fail.

Oct 13, 2013 at 08:40AM EDT

Commented on Horny Samus

I don’t get it. Is there supposed to be a joke here? I thought memes were supposed to be clever. I mean, there isn’t any innuendo. Replace Samus with literally anyone else and the ‘jokes’ will make just as much sense.

I stared at the first one for like, ten minutes trying to puzzle out the Metroid reference. Then I looked at the rest of them and realized… NOPE. No relation at all.

Also: I’ve never heard of this, This linked off of the Metroid Page. I’ve never heard of it otherwise. Deadpool like whoa.

Aug 30, 2013 at 10:48PM EDT

Commented on SCP Foundation

This is not only a thing, it’s a thing with at least three well established fanmade video games and thousands of entries.

+9001 Confirm

Aug 06, 2013 at 04:38PM EDT

Commented on Westboro Baptist Church

She died in 1935 when he was five years old. He only decided that he hated gays in the 1980s. They might as well have involved Michael Phelps.

Jul 19, 2013 at 02:55AM EDT

Commented on Westboro Baptist Church

Fred Phelp’s mother had nothing to do with this lawfirm. Her son’s business practices anger a lot of people. Just to refresh everyone’s memory, the “Church” is a con using lawsuits an the Civil Rights Attorney’s Fees Act of 1976, almost every member of the “church” including Fred Phelps himself is a lawyer, and they are all part of the same law firm which only represents the church. One of the cases he tried to take on before getting disbarred was to sue Ronald Reagan for making a diplomat to the Vatican, which he said violated separation of church and state.

I guess the Church of Satan wanted us to remember that using ‘religion’ as a means to get attention was their idea way before Fred Phelps took it up to the next level. The Phelps Chartered Law firm is just way better at it.

This is wrong. She died when he was five years old of throat cancer. He didn’t discover his dislike of gays until the 1980s, and she died in 1935. They might as well have used Michael Phelps.

People as stupid as these members of the Church of Satan don’t deserve congratulation, they barely deserve derision. They are the “Count to Potato” of WBC counterprotests.

Jul 19, 2013 at 02:53AM EDT

Commented on Baww

This gallery needs some work. It needs some actual images from one of the aforementioned threads, way more than it has. The pictures of crying animals are discordant and I think they detract from the meme itself: in a proper thread, people who post stuff like this are the kind who have nothing to contribute but can’t stand to lurk.

May 01, 2013 at 03:51AM EDT

Commented on Internet Paraphilias

+1 deadpool

I can’t be the only one to say this: Fetishes aren’t memes, fetishes may in fact be the opposite of memes.

Fetishes, by their very definition, are esoteric. They only appeal to a very limited group of people. Beyond their tendency to be mocked, fetishes have no appeal outside of their fanbase. I even direct you to the top comments:
“Things are going to get weird!”

With a few exceptions (I’m looking at YOU furries), you have to go looking for this stuff, it doesn’t just pop up.

On a more mundane note, this needs more research. It needs something to demonstrate that internet fetishes are somehow different from other fetishes. I challenge the page’s assertion that “Furry” and “Anime” are at the root of these fetishes. Certainly, it’s common, I am confident that there are whole communities out there with no connection to either of these.

If a fetish is memeworthy, give it a page of its own. Furries, for example, already have one. If you want an index page for all of these, make an index page or a new category.

Jan 20, 2013 at 10:25AM EST

Commented on 2f4.jpg

You know, as a Christian, and a geologist: go fuck yourself. There are a very small group of nutjobs who use a literal interpretation of the book of Genesis. Thomas Aquinas even said that God made two books, one was the Bible and the other was the world, and if you saw something in the world which contradicted the Bible, then you were reading the Bible wrong.

Creationism only dates back about a little more than a hundred years, and actually it was Christian thinkers who laid down the fundamental theories of geology. It was people within the church that first used these to determine that there wasn’t a literal biblical flood. If you’ve ever told that Noah’s Flood was fro the inundation of the Baltic Sea or the memory of a bad flood on the Euphrates River, you’re parroting the Catholic Church.

The purpose of the book of genesis is to outline the major differences of Judaism from other religions. In Genesis, the world and all things in it are made by God, and thus good. In other religions, the world came about from gods fighting and killing evil monsters, and humans were just a side effect whose only purpose was slavery to the king/priestly class. Only the dumbest of the dumb see it as anything else.

Also: for someone out there, Paleontologists are geologists, not biologists.

Dec 24, 2012 at 11:17AM EST

Commented on Coaxed Into a Snafu

This is supposed to be about misused memes. We have poorly drawn trollfaces. The gallery doesn’t match the page title.

+1 Deadpool

If you got rid of all of the poorly drawn faces (which I don’t doubt are a meme in their own right) and instead had examples of misused memes. They I’d say confirm.

Nov 04, 2012 at 11:43AM EST

Commented on Privilege Rating Scale

What bothers me about this is, and the whole “Check Your Privilege” thing in general is that it boils down a complicated issue into one arbitrary value. Are you a black (-100) lesbian (-150, -50, 20) investment banker (25) making a million a year? (100). We know how much you’re suffering (-155). Even living in the United States (20), if you’re smoking hot (+20), you’re still “Very Dispriviledged” [sic].

That Poor straight White Male who can’t get a job to support his family is totally oppressing you.

At least you can take some small amount of comfort in knowing that you aren’t a a Saudi Prince (-600, Middle East, -50, Muslim, +100 Rich [Nobody in history qualifies for ‘Plutocrat’ by this definition].

Oct 27, 2012 at 10:38AM EDT

Commented on Todd Akin's Sexual Assault Gaffe

+1 Confirm

I am frankly amazed at how the internet has gotten ahold of this and memefied it.

To the Haters:

What makes this a meme isn’t what side of the aisle it’s on, what makes this a meme is that the internet has taken hold of it and made hundreds upon hundreds of spins on it. Memes arise out of the collective internet consciousness, and like it or not, this is front and center in that consciousness.

More to the point, you can’t declare that something is not a meme just because you wish it didn’t exist. I am really, really, really annoyed at all of the atheism related memes telling me I’m evil for my beliefs, but they are still circulated all over the internet, and I can’t just say “Waaaa, I don’t like that, so it’s not a meme.”

There are a lot of memes I find personally objectionable, but memes aren’t about appealing to one person, they are about appealing to a lot of people. If you think you have a meme about how evil democrats are, submit it and let the world decide.

Aug 21, 2012 at 12:19PM EDT

Commented on Susan Glenn

+1 Deadpool

This is viral marketing done so poorly that they actually decided to skip the viral stage and just start making commercials so someone would notice.

Aug 18, 2012 at 10:37AM EDT

Commented on Mio is a classy lady

I don’t get it, is there something wrong with the animation? Did they draw it so it looks like the guitar is bisecting her? Is that what you’re going for? How is this fail?

Aug 12, 2012 at 02:34PM EDT

Commented on Aurora Colorado Theater Shooting

To anyone debating about how there should be more firearms to protect us, you’re neglecting one rather key point. Every single time someone opens fire on a crowd, it’s the same thing, ‘if only someone had a gun’.

Guess what: the laws in Colorado allow for anyone, even a deranged lunatic to own a gun. If someone had a gun, they didn’t use it. I’ll listen to your argument about how it would have just taken one person with a gun as soon as this mythical figure emerges and does just that. As soon as we have a shooting where one of these magical vigilantes puts an end to it, then you can use that as an example of why guns are the solution and not the problem.

I’ve watched the news over the years, if there has ever been a time where a Magical Gunslinger has magically appeared out of the carnage to put a stop to the rampage, it hasn’t been within my lifetime. It didn’t happen at Columbine, it didn’t happen a Jonesboro, it didn’t happen at Virginia Tech either. I could go on…

The Pro-Gun argument is based in ‘what if’. It’s based on ‘theoretically’. I say: drop that, give me some real evidence. Show me when a magical vigilante has shown up to cut a massacre short.

Aug 02, 2012 at 08:49AM EDT

Commented on Sonic Original Characters

Pony OCs need their own page. They are a distinct category of fail that has nothing to do with Sonic OCs. Lumping them here does nothing but annoy those of us sick of seeing ponies in every single meme.

I say DON’’T make this page about all OC’s, that is WAY too vast. Sonic OCs are distinct enough to stand on their own.

Jul 17, 2012 at 08:46AM EDT

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