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(part 3)
Some author with a book about women in tech ran a reddit IAMA and got kicked out for brigading. Brianna Wu was one of the women so it got GG’s attention and people are laughing at that.

Shivers is encouraging everyone in GG to take all of this energy spent in the past six months and put it into learning gamedev over the next six months. Good idea IMO.

Wikipedia went after Toku fans who tried to edit Ryulong’s articles after hearing that he had been banned. A KotakuInAction regular was banned for talking about it.

And Pizzagate happened. There an argument between two GGers over whether pineapple is good on pizza. It trended on Twitter.

Feb 05, 2015 at 04:53PM EST

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The Pinsof interview came out. It’s fucking nothing. Georgina Young didn’t Jouno 101 and contact Tiff Chow and Shawn McGrath to back up Pinsof’s report. Kotaku did and got denials on the key points. McGrath tweeted a denial that Fez was his stolen code.

Fart and MorpheusLaughing are pushing a claim that RemipunX and possibly RasputinRGLM doxxed Lizzy620. Fart and friends posted convo screenshots of Remi posting disinfo (doxxing Logan Roy and claiming he was AMIB) and claiming to have built up doxx on lots of Gamergaters. icze4r blasted Fart for going after Remi and others are angry that he’s distracting from Pinsof promotion. Someone in Baph posted doxx of Adriana Oatis and claimed that she was Remi. There’s a rumor that Remi did this, unconfirmed. There’s an unconfirmed rumor that Remi is a personal friend of ZQ. There’s an unconfirmed rumor that the drama around Remi and Lizzy involves a group of former Revue Labs employees. King of Pol is involved in the drama too. Revue Labs founder Steve Tom Sawyer happens to be the producer of Milo’s show and is also the guy who claimed that he was assaulted and kicked out of his girlfriend’s house for supporting #gamergate. One of the leaked screenshots includes someone from team anti-Remi claiming that STS abused Lexipanda.

Feb 05, 2015 at 04:48PM EST

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1. Pinsof heard a woman say her boyfriend’s game would win an award because he was friends with Brandon Boyer, and it did.

2. Fez may have included some of Shawn McGrath’s code without his permission. McGrath denies that any of his code made it into the final product. Someone elsewhere dredged up a 2007 interview with Fish where he properly credited McGrath. Pinsof adds “Fish had agreed to cancel Fez”.

Both points fit the narrative of the CameraLady videos which claimed that indie game conventions were rigged by the Indie Games Fund to give awards and the resulting good press to the games they had invested in.

I don’t see the interview as convincing proof of anything, but it provides a couple new pieces of evidence to keep in mind.

Feb 04, 2015 at 10:24PM EST

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This screenshot uses so many recent themes that I was about to call it an obvious fake, but it checks out. Unless someone hacked the archive and put the sage posts there too, the post is real.

We already knew that IGDA and FBI were preparing something to do with harassment of women game developers a month before the Zoe Post. If this post is more than a mere story that happened to turn out to be true, it pushes the timeline back at least a year and there were already “Real” journalists willing to lie about “misogynists” at that time.

I wonder who Anon imagines Big Gaming to be.

Feb 03, 2015 at 07:22PM EST

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Don’t they call this WP:NOTHERE when anyone else does it and ban the people on sight?

I remember when they banned a Jewish organization for recommending that members join Wikipedia. An experienced editor was banned for being on the organization’s mailing list. That’s one of the reasons I stay the hell away from Wikipedia. Gamergate is another. And they wonder why people won’t join.

Here’s some more Wikidrama: Admins are banning everyone attempting to edit Japanese entertainment articles now that Ryulong is no longer WP:OWNing them. Three long-term accounts were permabanned, although one looks like a troll.

Did anyone notice Protonk, an admin who stood in the back and lobbed a few quips at Gamergaters? He just got topic banned for saying that people accused Quinn of sleeping with Grayson. This type of BLP violation got a lot of users topic banned in this area, and his line of appeal is exactly what extended these topic bans into permanent bans. If Protonk was not an admin he would already be out the door with an indefinite block and talk page access revoked, which returns to what the Gamergate movement is complaining about: the different standards media owners have for their friends versus normal people.

Jan 29, 2015 at 11:57PM EST

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> Like seriously how can there be a being that’s as amoral and detestable as… that.

there’s a whole nest of them called SRS and they control Reddit. Not kidding. They’re friends with the admins and are allowed to break any site rules.

And NekoArc is one of them? She ran 888chan. It’s a small circle.

Jan 24, 2015 at 09:10PM EST

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A leaked log points to someone using the IRC handle “vince”, possibly a lizard. The log could easily be faked. The lizards have a Vince Omari who was vanned not long ago, but it’s a stretch to think it’s the same person. Others in the same log are “ryan” and “fagger”. Julius Kivimaki uses “ryan” on irc and was also vanned a week ago, but again, no confirmation that it is the same person and the log may be fake. “fagger” has been seen on anonymous’s /i/nvasion forum on 888chan a few years back. 888chan/tsukihi.me hosted some trans-friendly IRC channels which might explain why there are so many trannssexual hackers attacking Gamergaters.

Here’s a KiA thread with more info:

Jan 24, 2015 at 05:06PM EST

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They may not even need to send DMCA notices. archive.today links seem to timeout and 404 if they aren’t accessed often enough.

Jan 22, 2015 at 07:44PM EST

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archive.today is not a KYM rule. It’s something activists do to preserve a copy of the page in case it is deleted and to deny ad revenue to sites they don’t like. KYM is for documenting memes. We just happen to have a lot of activists here because KYM is one of the few websites to allow any discussion of the topic at all.

Jan 18, 2015 at 10:57PM EST

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Jan 16, 2015 at 12:32AM EST

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Not much money was needed. The DDOS used Lizard Squad’s LizardStresser.su service. Lizard Squad sells access to LizardStresser for $6.

They had thousands of customers as of Dec. 30, so there is a very long suspect list.

Someone mapped the Lizard Squad botnet IPs on pastebin. They are all GoogleUserContent addresses. Lizard Squad’s IRC network runs on OVH, the same company that expelled The Ralph Retort.

The IP that dropped into 8chan to claim credit for the attack has a year-old skidpaste leading to Twitter user IncursioSubter. It’s possible that the IP could have been reassigned to a different hacker in that time, or that IncursioSubter may have been ratted by another hacker. In any case, that account leads to the newly opened TeamPoison forums.

They are looking for new members!

Jan 09, 2015 at 10:59AM EST

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I will raise an issue that may be off topic, or it may not be depending on how true the rumours about McIntosh are. Robert Heinlein once wrote a book titled “If this goes on--”, a phrase that describes a style of science fiction writing where a present cultural attitude is extrapolated to an extreme and the writer imagines how this affects society.

In France this morning, al-Qaeda wiped out the entire staff of the comedy magazine Charlie Hebdo. This was one of the few European publications to stand with the Jyllands-Posten cartoonists and not against them, and Charlie Hebdo has published several cartoons of its own making fun of terrorists and Islam in general. This is what happens when a group of people decides that someone else’s ideas and opinions are so evil that these ideas must not be heard.

And what is Gamergate? Ideas and opinions: the DMCA sucks. Sarkeesian is wrong. Some journalists are biased. There is a powerful movement to suppress these ideas using hatred and ostracization. The rhetoric is eliminationist. None of them try to disagree with you. They want to destroy you. You must be exterminated.

“If this goes on--”

Jan 07, 2015 at 01:56PM EST

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