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Congratulations! You found a secret. A Winrar is You!
Hi I’m just your average internet user…

Actually no, I’m something else entirely.

Something unique; something different.

I am no longer a part of the anonymous dull part of internet society.

For I have stepped into the world of consciousness and discovered that I am my own unique individual self.

tl;dr: Hi I’m Jamie but you can just call me Wrath.


• Hanging out with friends
• Watching anime
• Drawing (I seriously need to get a Graphics Digitiser so I can draw stuff and share it to the internet)
• Browsing the internet

Favourite Anime

• Azumanga Daioh
• Nichijou
• Soul Eater
• Lucky Star
• Haruhi Suzumiya
• Shin Chan
• Hetalia
• Fullmetal Alchemist
• Higurashi When They Cry
• Bleach
• Ergo Proxy
• Clannad
• Air
• Kanon
• A Certain Magical Index
• A Certain Scientific Railgun
• Canaan
• Death Note
• Akira
• Rozen Maiden
• Cowboy Bebop
• Neon Genesis Evangelion
• Hellsing
• Future Diary
• World God Only Knows
• Baka and Test: Summon the Beasts
• Gin Tama
• Noein: To Your Other Self
• Gosick
• Serial Experiments Lain

Favourite Music

I am into a huge variety of music.

The genres of music I like are Classical, Reggae, Breakcore, Drum and Base, Terrorcore, Post-rock, Speedcore, Neurofunk, Frenchcore, J-core, Happy Hardcore, Lolicore, Britpop, Electronica / Electronic Dance Music (EDM), Techno, House, Braindance, Drill and Bass, Acid House, Electro, Industrial, Acid Techno and Intelligent Dance Music (IDM).

Here is a playlist of all the songs / music I like: Playlist

I’m now an avid fan of the manga series and anime adaptations of Nekojiru. (Cat Soup)

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