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First of all: I AM a Brony. You can probably tell by the profile picture. Any who, this opens my initial statement for my Biography:


Well, anyways, I live in Jacksonville, Florida. I play Alto Sax and (yes Epic Sax Guy is Epic) I plat Team Fortress 2 too much. With that being said note that I am a PC gamer. I like Android phones and I do not hate Apple, I only hate the iPhone. I mean Macs are awesome. But, I’ll stick with PC. But…Windows 8 shutters Ew. My awesome gaming rig computer thingy really likes to scroll alot and it hates my taskbar. So, Iff I am on Steam or Skype or stuff and don’t respond its because my computer won’t switch from my po(nothing to do here) to Steam. kthxbai. Just kidding. I KNOW you totally want to read more. But seriously, I don’t want to type more. So, kthxbai. /)*(\


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