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I have a PhD in MLP Fanfiction from the University of Canterlot in Ann Arbor and have an Associates in TLK Fanfiction, and the Pokemon Arts.

I also write fanfics that get ruthlessly jossed by canon and make jokes no one gets.


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Commented on Copenhagen Zoo Giraffe Killing Controversy

>lion kills giraffe
Wow, nature in action.

>humans kill giraffe and feed it to lions
What the hell? Those motherfuckers!

I, too, am appalled that the Copenhagen Zoo grabbed children, physically restrained them, and forced them to watch as the giraffe was killed while the parents pleaded desperately for their children not be scarred for life by something they’d see on National Geographic/Discovery-when-they’re-airing-something-cool.

Feb 11, 2014 at 02:34AM EST

Commented on 3fa.jpg

>sees art and DeviantART-style wall-o-text

My cringe senses are tingling.

Feb 11, 2014 at 02:10AM EST

Commented on This Just Came Up Today

To be fair, most media is ignorant of internet culture (remember the “van bomb” anonymous report?). They’re usually two to three years behind on reporting stuff. I know whenever there’s a report on cyberbullying, they’ll invariably awkwardly spend forty-five seconds trying to explain what a “troll” is.

Feb 11, 2014 at 02:06AM EST

Commented on 32a.jpg

>the very first boy pony

Gen 1 ponies confirmed for asexual reproduction.

Feb 08, 2014 at 06:22PM EST

Commented on If I can't have that waifu, nopony can!

>you have to blindly accept everything and can’t criticize parts of the show you dislike

Also, you’re daily reminder that “love and tolerate” was an anti-trolling device and was never meant to be taken literally. And if you want to practice “love and tolerate,” why aren’t you tolerating people’s dislike of canon romance? Tolerance is a two-way street, after all.

Feb 08, 2014 at 06:19PM EST

Commented on Free Bleeding

You cis-gendered misogynist. You’ve just been brainwashed by the oppressive Patriarchal system.

Feb 08, 2014 at 07:55AM EST

Commented on Free Bleeding

>thereby hoping to provoke angry responses from the feminist blogosphere.
>implying they’d get angry
>implying they wouldn’t embrace it

I think /b/’s underestimating the power of Tumblr feminists.

I’d laugh so hard if this caught on as the next “thing,” and then I’d cry that humanity could be so stupid.

Feb 08, 2014 at 07:53AM EST

Commented on Ethan Couch's Affluenza Defense

Twinkie defense for the 21st century

>Boyd, ironically, announced only days before Couch’s fatal joyride that she would not seek re-election and would retire when her term ends in December 2014.

Fuck… there goes that option. Looks like impeachment’s the only option.

>implying that’ll ever happen

Whelp, there goes my cynicism. It seems to grow bigger every day…

Feb 08, 2014 at 07:44AM EST

Commented on a2f.jpg

Meh, played it straight. Having them frolic around merrily would have been funnier.

Feb 08, 2014 at 07:31AM EST

Commented on Sir Fedora

>Sir Fedora
>front page of Reddit

Is it me, or is Reddit trying to become a caricature of itself?

Feb 07, 2014 at 08:29AM EST

Commented on Bill Nye

Creationist reporting in.

I’m just here to see how big of a shitstorm this kicked up. Looks pretty impressive.

Feb 07, 2014 at 08:25AM EST

Commented on 9ae.png

My jimmies have been hermetically sealed in an aluminum alloy container filled with a frictionless gel. The entire thing has been supercooled to absolute zero to ensure it is scientifically impossible for a rustling to occur.

Feb 07, 2014 at 08:17AM EST

Commented on Shit Has Gone Sour.

That reminds me, did he ever continue that comic? I remember he did the prologue and then it just kind of stopped.

Feb 07, 2014 at 08:10AM EST

Commented on 34f.png

Does this look like a face of mercy?

Feb 06, 2014 at 05:23AM EST

Commented on d1d.jpg

>Japan has a higher percentage of pony than Finland

I find that amusing for some reason. Like Finland considers anime more serious business than Japan does.

Feb 06, 2014 at 05:18AM EST

Commented on 052.jpg

I’m not really understanding the picture. The comment is fairly even and well-thought out. There’s nothing autismal (it’s a meme, sorry) or cringy about it. I guess the pic’s a little out of place, but its not really worth screencapping and cropping in Paint.

1/10. Jimmies are confused instead of rustled.

Lez, you need to step it up before a Brand New Member comes in and dethrones you as Emperor of Jimmies in a bloody coup that kills thousands and sets the Image Gallery back decades.

Feb 06, 2014 at 05:15AM EST

Commented on Dylan Farrow's New York Times Open Letter

>a team of court-appointed medical scientists concluded that there aren’t [sic] enough evidence to support a case and no criminal charges were ever filed against Allen.

That’s all I needed to know.

Ei incumbit probatio qui dicit, non qui negat.

Feb 05, 2014 at 01:09AM EST

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