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Xydexx is a mostly-harmless weirdo who rides around on his weirdo bike and plays an inflatable unicorn character on the internet. The most surprising thing about Xydexx is that he sold his sense of humor for some magic beans in 2001 and now takes everything seriously, and the only people who take things more seriously than Xydexx are people who think Xydexx takes everything seriously. It’s like one big Moebius strip of irony, covered in jam and rolling down a hill like an out-of-control marsupial-filled popcorn machine. I saw it in a movie once. Xydexx is also one of those furries you’ve heard so much about. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. (And really, you have to wonder how the people who have problems with furries ever manage to browse the internets… because furries make everything better and furries make the internets go.)


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