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Faith in science is no better than faith in religion – it’s all just memetic warfare and humans are its viral hosts…

…check out my Earworms and get infected:

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Considering it is a bit older than a lot of the memes already here, I was actually surprised this meme didn’t have an entry, which is why I posted it. It appears that someone has already begun editing my original submission. However, I think that there may be a connection between this meme and the Star Wars Kid Meme, as the first time I ever saw that was on realultimatepower.net …I think it may be ‘Robert Hamburger’, but he may have stolen it from somewhere/one else…eh? The NPZR meme seems like whoever edited it is attempting to synthesize and infect us…beware of the NPZR!

May 20, 2009 at 02:02AM EDT

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