Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting - Tragedy and Video Game Violence

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I love how the media attempts to connect video games and violence together, but suddenly becomes obtuse about the obvious connection between alcohol consumption and violence.

More finger-pointing and tongue-wagging from the hypocritical media.

Sleeping Entity
Sleeping Entity

I’ve never understood people blaming shooters, or as they call them “violent video games” as the cause of these tragedies. In most shooters, you play as a character who kills, yes, but not innocent civilians. I’ve never once felt the theme of games such as CoD and Halo was “you have a gun – shoot anything that moves”. It was always more about saving the world with whatever random plot the creators could concoct. These games do not glorify and encourage horrific massacres, and the media should honestly realise this and stop trying to make money by appealing to ignorant audiences.


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