Harry Potter - Rachel Rostad - "To JK Rowling, from Cho Chang" (CUPSI 2013 Finals)

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Y’know, I’ve never understood why everyone is so upset over the poor representation of characters in literature.

If you want a strong asian character, you’re always free to write your own book. Nobody says the writer has to cater to your desires. A writer is merely trying to tell a story, not please you. It’s your choice to read their stories or not.


You know, there’s something about this that kind of… disgusts me, in a way. I mean, J.K. Rowling put the character in to appease the assholes who would have shouted at her to be ’more P.C." (if the speaker is to be believed.)

J.K Rowling never /had/ to put the character in at all. She never /had/ to make her anything but a bit-part. She didn’t make Cho Chang to be a ‘whiny asian girl’. She didn’t make the character to be a caricature. She just made a character, and made her Chinese. That’s all. She gave her a heritage she didn’t know much about, so she just characterized her as a normal teenage girl.

A normal. Teenage. Girl.

And I know, that if she did give the minor character of cho chang a shit ton of ‘HEY! LOOK AT ME! I’M OF ASIAN DESCENT!" This speaker would still yell about it.

It’s because of the Political Correctness this speaker’s little rant is based on, that Cho Chang even EXISTS. If you are going to demand an author to basically censor themselves with minorities they don’t know ANYTHING ABOUT, don’t BITCH when they get it wrong, and it’s fucking ‘OFFENSIVE’! By the way cho chang ISN’T, BECAUSE WHITE, BLACK, HISPANIC- ALL FUCKIN’ SORTS OF GIRLS ARE PUT IN THIS POSITION!

Cho Chang was a horrible character. A lot of J. K. Rowling’s characters were horrible. Rant about that, not because they were a minority, AND horrible characters.


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