In a Nutshell - A Relationship in 5 Minutes

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My relations this far:

Me(eyes) : Look! This girl looks at you nicely!
Me(brains) : Oh awesome, she’s great! We must not screw up this time!
Me(stupid Hypothalamus) : So, love has to do with the heart right? sends command to release all adrenaline
Me(heart) : Wtf dude, we’re not doing anything! starts beating at 300 bpm I’ll explode!
Me(brains) : Hypo, moron! you’ll kill us all! Slow it down!!
Me(eyes): Now, she’s coming, say something intelligent now!
Me(brains): Shut up! Heart is going to explode , no time!
Me: “hi ..mffgrbl”
Girl: “hi” walks away
Me(genitals) : retards…


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