Failboat - Spectacular Ship Collision: 'Grand Rodosi' Crushes 'Apollo S' Like A Can

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ALRIGHT I got this. Somewhat.

Basically, a boat this size doesn’t just “shift” into reverse. The engine has driveshafts the size of most cars. The screws (those boat propeller thingys) might fill up a football field. So, first momentum and energy needs to be removed from it all. The engine power is pulled back, and the blades of the engine are stopped using water, air, or something or another. I forget that part. I was drunk when this was explained to me.

Point is, once the screws finally lose their energy, the engine is kicked back on--in the exact same direction it was. That’s right. Basically, the drive-train of the thing just pistons the other way, but the motion of the engine is the same. Think about an exercise bike. Your legs just pump up and down, but the thing can pedal backwards and forwards. Same concept.

Unfortunately, power was restored too soon to the screws, it looks like. Full power was returned to the engine thinking the screws were in the correct position to be reversed. Obviously, they weren’t, and this happened. A giant ass boat barreling headlong into another giant ass boat.


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