FAIL - Selenophobia - Amusing Jeopardy Daily Double

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Soooo does anybody get what she’s referencing? No? Guess it’s a southern thing.

Anyhow, Selena was was the name of one of the most famous Mexican-American pop stars. Only woman to ever sell out the Astrodome in Houston in it’s entirety. In her time, she had the hearts of Spanish speakers across Mexico, Texas, and the Southwest in general. She was kind--and not to mention gorgeous too. The finest thing Corpus Christi ever put out into this world.

Her crowd at the Astrodome was actually larger than any crowd Madonna ever had. She really is an inspiration, and if you’re ever in Corpus Christi, you should go see her memorial. It’s right on the water. A statue of a young woman leaning casually against a pillar, looking out across the bay.

She died young in 1995 when she was shot in the back by the president of her fan club. She was only 23.

It’s funny how this stuff gets referenced, passed around, and read lightly. My friend showed me this video laughing, and I could only remember my mother and I listening to her music, and then one day visiting the statue by the bay. Such a strange feeling, particularly when the daily riff raff has something to do with a video of a cat/dog doing something human like.

Think I’m gonna go smoke a cigarette outside now. Could use some fresh air.


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