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Ticklechap Crispybottom
Ticklechap Crispybottom

This problem will never be solved as long as there are 13 year olds on facebook. Usally when I talk about something meme-related IRL I just call it a ‘thing on the internet’, because otherwise people think I’m talking about rage comics or advice animals.
Reminds me of people who wear Pink Floyd or Beatles shirts without being a fan of the band. Learn to have some damn respect for internet culture, damnit.
Just the other day I saw a rage comic face misused of all things…makes me die a little.


There will always be:
– Subcultures.
– Fads.
– Times when the latest fad is a subculture.
– Lame people copying cool people to be cooler.
– People who pretend to be part of a subculture when it is a popular fad.
– People part of those subculture offended by the fakers.

Once the mainstream is done with a fad, they dump it and denounce it as “lame” like an 80s hair style. Those who were in it well before the mainstream jumped on board, are seen as “behind the times” or “late to the show” as if they only just jumped on board with a subculture or style, despite being in it decades before the rest of the world discovered it and still in it because they actually love it, not just because it’s the current “in” thing.

It’s happened to music & movie genres, toys, subcultures like gothic/punk etc.

And that’s going to happen to the internet subculture as well. But it won’t bother us, because we’re computer nerds and never cared about being cool in the first place. That’s why we came online to avoid the cool people and make lame jokes with other lame people who got us. There will always be nerds and cool people, and I’m perfectly happy being a nerd, less pressure to conform.


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