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Oh, and I bet y’all here are just going to loooove this, aren’t you? “Wow so true lololololo!” you yell, apparently in blissful ignorance that you’ve spent the last seven hours doing the same fucking around online this Luddite is rambling about. It’s happened time and time again and frankly I’m sick of the hypocrisy.

And that’s not all I’m sick of. This anti-technology crap has gone on long enough. Technology isolates us, huh? Bullshit. If it weren’t for the Internet and the open-minded communities I’ve come across I’d still be the good little bigoted conservative I was just three years ago. The Internet has given me tolerance and respect for what I really am. It’s a place where I can feel free to be what I want without being marked an outcast. What did Mississippi ever give me but a label as a sullen asshole for refusing to take place in those ridiculous conformist pep rallies? I’ve got friends on the Internet who I know far better than anyone I’ve ever known in real life. Why should I ever look up when all I have too see is the eyes of a world that hates everything I am?

And, for the record, I can entertain children far better than most people. My little cousins absolutely adore me.

Crimson Locks
Crimson Locks

This guy saying kids don’t play outside obviously hasn’t seen the park down the street from my house for the last month. There are people fucking swarming the place every day.

Also, I resent the idea that connections made online aren’t real connections. You get out what you put in, just like in real life. Do you have long thoughtful conversations with your online friends about something you enjoy or do you just leave a like and move on?


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