Cats - Cat Welcomes Home Soldier (awesome)

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Is it just me, or have Youtube comments become even worse since the move over to G+ integration.
I mean, there were always dumb comments before, but the worse stuff was either downvote-buried or marked as spam, with the good stuff being upvoted into the top comments spot.

Now, since the downvote button literally does not work (it does nothing, you can click it but nothing happens), it’s like Facebook. even the most asinine, retarded shit can somehow get boosted up.

As far as the actual video goes, it was cute, though the vertical capture mode is of course annoying as always.

Kristoff Brewer
Kristoff Brewer

in reply to AugustDay

I agree with you on everything, especially on the comments part. First three I saw when I entered the comment section of this vid:

“cats belong inside microwave ovens”
“are you into touching animal ass?”
“cats are evil like the american soldiers”

i lold


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