Two internet bad boys in the following collection.

15 Cringeworthy Internet Bad Boys Who Think They're The Toughest Guys Around

The following pictures are full of true alpha males. It doesn't get much tougher than this. These guys would make you tremble in fear the moment you walked into the room, and they want you to know it. But the thing is, their own perceptions of themselves might not be that accurate. In fact, we're pretty sure we could take any of these people in a fight, because they're clearly not as scary as they think they are.

Since the creation of the internet, internet tough guys have been around. We're not really sure why they do it, but some people apparently feel the need to flash intimidation displays in the direction of everyone scrolling by. These images from Reddit's /r/IAmVeryBadass perfectly sum up this phenomenon, and it's…embarrassing, to say the least. Take a look at some of the best images of these alphas going wild.

Do NOT Cause Trouble Around Him

. 3h Sometimes I wonder if I should even go to college. Ofc I like learning and seeing new things, but I'm someone who has anger issues and I'd feel sorry for anyone who wanted trouble. ... Reply Vote

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Don't you dare cause trouble around this guy. You don't even want to know what will happen. Just don't tempt him.

Some Very Real Accomplishments Right Here

Military training and willingness to participate in covert operations, a PhD in industrial engineering from a Western university, experience running a business, experience setting up surveillance for finding industrial spies, a decade worth of strategic project management experience, speak two languages perfectly and two others a bit. Anarchists I know mainly have experience in how to dress in black, listen to punk, working as a waiter or "independent journalist" (no problem with either of that but you can't expect deeper skills and networking from most anarchists), and throw rocks at police, then getting arresting thinking they are HARDCORE MOTHER Meanwhile, Marxists-Leninists I know take education seriously, read a lot and also love working in either academia or major industries with extensive international networks. ⇧ 3

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Sounds like a busy schedule, so when did he find time for all of this?

Yeah, This Seems Healthy

21:01 LIVE Aranz Following For You ↑ Home If I ever got a "she's busy bro" text, Satan himself would seek religion after he gets a glimpse of what I'd do to that boy #fyp #fyp #foryou #trending ♫The Sound That Made History. - @Gman WAS O Discover + B Inbox 255.8K 2915 34.4K 3306 8 Profile VKE

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There was probably a very specific girl in mind here, most likely one who already has a boyfriend he hates and doesn't even know he exists.

He's a Real Catch

Heffe 080 TRUMP PENCE 2009 Bringing you entertainment without political correctness. Internet bad-boy. Free speech ambassador. Add Friend Message

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The Scariest Guy to Bully Online

r/de Posted by oria 1h i.imgur I just clean my guns and wait When ur talking crap online and someone replies with your address 0000

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I better be careful, because now I'm probably on his list for making this article.

Cool Shirt


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Green Tank Top’s in Trouble

3w ago : Green tank top would of met a 9mm if I opened the door, you can tell this is a democrat area... D

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Definitely a True Story

systems Engi nment Contractors (2017- present) Author has 7.8K answers and 31.4M answer views • 4y X I was "mugged" once on the street in NYC. The mugger said, "Give me your wallet" and pulled out a knife. I'm well trained, and looked at the knife. I could have dropped that guy in a hot second. He wasn't even holding it right. I'd have bet he never stabbed anyone ever. I took out my wallet and pulled out a 5 dollar bill. I handed it to him and said, "Here. Take this. You need money, that's obvious, but I'm not giving you my wallet. This is the 5 dollars I'm paying you so I don't have to kill you." He shuddered and haltingly took my money. Then ran like the hounds of hell were on his heels. Hindsight told me that that was an epic line. It just came out that way. It's probably illegal to say, but you'd need to take it to the next level before an actionable event took place. 18.1K views • View upvotes 4487 12

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Birth Story

I was born in Washington D.C. at Walter Reed Army Hospital, early one morning Dec 1, 1986. The doctor wanted to award me a perfect 10 on the birth scale, but settled on 9.5. Two weeks overdue, I was nose-breathing already as the doctor held me upside down by my heels and my right fist was inside my mouth as I suckled. The doctor pinched my thigh to get a response, and I growled, knitting my brow and trying to crane my head up to see who had attacked me. The doctor paled, shocked at my defensive powers. I did not cry.

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Come Engage Him

I would love for someone to step out from their tractor to engage me. Haven't seen it yet. Bunch of fat lazy tractor drivers. Come engage the fit dude biking in shorts in the snow, great idea. See what cardio and leg power differences do. 44 ↓ Reply

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M hace 4 días that kind of person. when people make me mad, i just smile but in my head, i have already slaughter them with my blunt kitchen knife slowly. is it... Leer más B47 D Responder

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This Alpha Male

1d If you don't touch AT LEAST 500 (that's on a bad day) but a good day 1k in revenue and profit a day I truthfully DO NOT give a FLYING WHAT YOU HAVE TO SAY About me. I went from being dead poor to having 15bands in my saving account I buy new shoes every day, I buy whatever I want as far a designer clothes and expensive items, I always have the newest iPhone AirPods and apple watches, I bought my car brand new in 2018 for 35k and drove it out the lot like in get rich or die tryin, that's why I don't have or care to get insurance, My car is payed for and I can afford the 5k fine don't play with me boy I have nothing to lose 5 20 comments

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Sounds like he inherited a lot of money and never worked a day in his life, and yet believes everyone who's not absurdly rich is beneath him.

Why Did Facebook Suggest This?

Suggested for you Yelawolf 17h- X don't tell me to "be honest" .. I'm over here lookin like a West Virginian's oxycontin trailer park dope boys trust fund baby.. nobodies taken their Bentayga down a gravel road with pot holes son.. we're outta here !! #slumerican DIRTS BENTLEY !! @bentleymotors got it from the MUD !!! 4.3K Like Comment ... 316 comments 157 shares Share

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Extremely Hostile

The Legendary Master of documenting it. Founder of Websites living the lifestyle 24/7 and Be cool, I'm extremely hostile and can be very aggressive if approached rudely in anyway. We beat ass first, ask questions later. Heavily armed at all times too. Be cool.

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Seems Legit to Me

10h I'm with you... some young arse in the post office called me a Boomer a few months back, (I'm Gen X, and will eat a man whole and you won't find the bones), I turned around, walked up to him and flicked him hard in the forehead, and said really loud, what was that you called me? Right up tight to his nose. He was so shocked an old broad like me actually took him on. His mates all pointed at him and laughed... I could feel his little shrivelling as I stood there. The lady behind the counter clapped. It was glorious. I hoped that bruise I gave him came up good and purple. 148

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