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15 Terrible Tattoos That Someone Actually Paid For

The whole point of tattoos is that they are permanent. With that key factor in mind, you would think putting ample amounts of time, effort and design into them would be extremely important to anyone. On top of this, finding someone skilled who you trust to accurately draw out and tattoo your idea is essential to being satisfied with the outcome. Some people skip all of these steps entirely and the resulting feverish images and scrawled out artworks are nothing less than horrifying. It's almost as if the permanency of tattoos has not set in for some.

It's a wonder why anyone would want to publicly share the permanent disasters they have etched into their bodies, but luckily, they do. Normally, when originally shared by the live canvases they are proud of or at least happy with the outcome. As we all know though, nothing is private nor sacred. Reddit has a few tattoo fail sharing forums on their site, one of which titled r/sh*ttytattoos. Here are 15 of the worst, most shocking pieces of permanent art.

Starting Off Strong

LIVE Following New music video and this song in link in bio For You C MY GIRLFRIEND GETTING MY FACE TATTED 60

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I love realism.

This Man Is Suffering From Success

SAMSUN FRE 10 Success is never owned, it is rentel and the rent isdue every day.

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Who IS She?!

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A Peculiar Crossover

Finally found the time to use my tattoo credit!!

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I'm So Confused

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This One Was Inspired by The Deli Counter

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Ham hand is one thing, what's with the baby and the gun?

Crab Man


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They Made Sure to Sign This One, of Course

P * Ferrah lately If you far, I' Hope 11w E debr ....lov 11w Q 8 likes OCTOBER 3 Add a c

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Wouldn't want anyone else taking credit for this masterpiece.

Don't Like This One Bit

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Placement Is Super Important


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It's giving 'Let me do it for you' dog vibes.

Sad Tiger

VI Walk ins from 10am today

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This Is Disrespectful

RIP 24 2020.01.27 16:38

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Only $30

высыл Work in progress

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second self-tattoo but done with my 2nd dominant hand 2 Like throat laves Pro anofic Comment Send

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Looks Like Marker

Fairy Witch Cottagecore Vibes X I'm so in love with this new spontaneous tattoo felt it belongs here 1.2K 157 comments 3 shares

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At least someone's happy about it.

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