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20 Oblivious People Who Totally Missed The Joke

When communicating online, it can be difficult to figure out what kind of tone people are using. This can make it difficult for some people to know what is a joke and what is serious. In some cases, the confusion is genuine and can be understood. Other times the joke or sarcasm is so obvious it's painful when someone doesn't understand or get it. Reddit's /r/woooosh is used for times like these. "Woooosh" is the term used online when the joke just seems to fly straight over someone's head, no matter how obvious it may seem.

It is rather embarrassing to witness this happen to someone, but on the bright side for them, usually they are also too oblivious to even be embarrassed about it. Usually they just assume everyone else is wrong and they're the super smart ones for correcting them. More power to them, I suppose. While these situations happen all the time and in real life too, here are just 20 moments of people missing the joke entirely.


cop: i pulled you over for going 68 in a 55 me: dang, 68? can you make that number a little cooler so i can hear the judge read it out loud haha cop: sure whatever [later in traffic court] judge: how were you going 420 in a 55 June 5 at 9:33 AM - 5 Like Like Reply - 1d Comment Missed a 69 joke! Like Page 1 Comment 2 Shares Share

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I Wonder What It Was

31 r/dadjokes Posted by u/bishslap • 6h . Many French guillotine victims had their heads Wholesome [Removed] 3h Can anyone tell me what the joke said? Reply

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Google Vegan

# GoVegan 4 d 98 likes I Pass. I don't eat Dead animals Reply Hide Replies ooh you're hardcore.. eating them alive. That's brave brave 4 d 68 likes Reply if you knew what a vegan means you know we won't eat animals dead or alive. OK WOW google it 4 d 3 likes Reply

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John Darby @mrjohndarby accidentally said "you too" when the waiter told me to enjoy my meal so he sat down with me and we had a very pleasant evening no that wouldn't happen he'd get fired you idiots

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It's New York

Y'all gotta go visit New York. I promise you won't regret the view That's literally just a bunch of old radiators 6h 1 like Reply Hide replies york 5h 10 likes no that's new Reply

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How we used to take selfies back in the 90s 2943 Wait that phone doesn't have a camera how would you take a picture? Reply ↑ Vote

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It's Not

Replying to Is your milkshake really worth it? 14 May 25 103 3 1.6K May 25 The second photo is a woodturning lathe wtf 34 <

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oh god oh DUOLINGO Looks like you forgot your Spanish lessons again. You know what happens now! ADT Intruder Alert (Back Door). Proceed with caution. View replies (71) That's obviously fake, the Duolingo application wouldn't actually send someone to harm you for not doing your Spanish lessons 2d 162 likes Reply 08:11 View previous replies (73) 08:11

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Some People

35 Beautiful Women With Vitiligo Shot By A Photographer Who Has The Same Condition Damn I hope the photographer goes to prison for shooting these woman, gosh darn it why are people so cruel. Reply Hide replies Shot as in taking pictures... Reply

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Reacties yra Bartrans 1 week geleden the blonde white girl was my favourite. 648 CONTOON 34 Voeg een openbare reactie toe... 24 5 dagen geleden They all are blonde white girls... X :

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It's a Chicken

@backtonature Chicken can't afford an umbrella so she uses her wings to keep her chicks out of the rain DB @david_belle 'Can't afford' It's a chicken.

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Too Good

5 days ago The amount of people who don't know the difference between to and too is two damn high 1.3K 41 45 Add a public reply... 1 day ago You are one of them ⠀ :

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Case Closed

Guys who can lift 100kg of STEEL This doesn't make sense. 100 kg is 100 kg, regardless of the material. I would be very curious to see someone lifting 100 kg of feathers. The volume of the bundle would be enormous. Guys who can only lift 100kg of feathers They are the same ( 22m 5 likes Reply

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Google it

PUNS The Indian restaurant I work for is so secretive I had to sign a legal agreement that I wouldn't share the flatbread recipe Just their standard naan disclosure agreement. 5:22 PM 10/21/22 . 1,649 Retweets 112 Quote Tweets 24.8K Likes Replying to Google it. You spelt non-disclosure wrong btw. 6 .5h 22

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Moving Images

r/memes: doesn't allow moving images me: 52 BEST COMMENTS r/woooosh O The image doesn't move tho Now 6 Thank you mods, very cool! • 3m Reply Share ↑ 1+

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Time Zones

Since my time zone is 1 day ahead. I will tell you if the Raid was successful and we will adjust our strategy accordingly Yeah, this is big brain time. • 2h That's... not how time zones work Reply -17

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Good Catch

Blind people will be so happy when they see these new emojis ↑ 4.9k 74 SINGLE COMMENT THREAD ↑ Share VIEW ALL 22m One problem blind people wont be happy seeing those emojis because they cant see so they cant see the emoji. Reply + -1

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01:34 a when its 7:99 AM and your mom is trying to wake you up for your 8 AM class Comments 301 Bored_asf848 2 min ago You mean 7:59? ...|| 81% - P #X :

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HOLLYWOOD IS FAKE! a Paid actors < Replies RJ_Editz • 3 hr ago Isn't Hollywood supposed to be of actors- 36 Ad E x :

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What a Shame

#Piano #Beethoven #Classical Music Beethoven - Moonlight Sonata (FULL) Nu C pr 1 rok temu This guy Beethoven has a lot of potential, can't wait to see him on stage one day Odpowiedz. 6,6 tys. But he is died...... 1 rok temu

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