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20 Strange Sentences You've Likely Never Read Before

WIth so many people in the world, there's a lot of things being said (and typed) everywhere. The huge population creates an interesting problem; either there's so many people in the world that nothing is unique anymore, or there's so many people doing things that new things are being done every day. Either way, while each experience is unique, sometimes you come across something so bizarre it feels like it definitely has never happened before. People are constantly saying things unfiltered on Twitter, which makes it a great place to see how many different ways words can be strung together.

Reddit's /r/brandnewsentece features sentences you've probably never read before. With strange headlines and unnerving posts, people are definitely unique. Here are 20 sentences gathered from all over the web that will have you pondering for a moment.

I'm An Ex-Banker Genderless Dragon

POST @nypost I'm an ex-banker 'genderless dragon' now my son won't talk to me

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Disrespectfully Consuming Key Lime Pie

Fort Myers man arrested after disrespectfully consuming key lime pie By Teddy Byrne 13 mins Ago - Lee County Sheriff's Office

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I wanna know what went wrong, Florida man.

Megetable, A Carrot Made Out Of Turkey

Arby's has flipped the vegan 'meat' trend on its head with the 'Megetable', a carrot made out of turkey that looks and tastes almost exactly like the vegetable Meredith Cash 11m f 2

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This is revolutionary.

A Wild Crime Scene

Florida Men - 1 Disguised in Bull Costume - Allegedly Tried to Burn Down Ex- Boyfriend's Home With Spaghetti Sauce

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Explains A Lot

NATURE A Surprising Number Of Sea Monster Sightings Can Be Explained By Whale Erections JAMES FELTON Senior Staff Writer Apr 7, 2021 9:59 AM 3.9k Shares 3 Comments

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Raccoons Gone Feral

Raccoons are saddle breaking feral hogs and riding them into battle against the possums. The media probably won't cover this. Posted in r/trashpandas 23 IM reddit

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Save the possums.

Who Requested This

Male sex robots with unstoppable bionic penises are coming this year Rob Waugh Monday 8 Jan 2018 2:19 pm f 2.3k

(Source: Reddit)

I am scared.

Highly Intelligent And Possibly Invincible Super Pigs

Highly Intelligent and Possibly Invincible Super Pigs Are Invading America Story by Tim Newcomb Yesterday 12:52 PM 357564 307 Comments O

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Just This Whole Thing

Michelle Collins @michcoll A lady at the airport brought her own personal tube of mayonnaise. I've yassified her to maintain anonymity but she's my hero. Traduzir Tweet 30

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Giraffe Stats

InVodkaVeritas - 9 hr. ago For the record, homosexuality has been found in over 350 species with the gayest animal being the Giraffe. 1.1k Reply Give Award Share Report Save Follow

(Source: Reddit)

Chef Boyardee On Wheels

15 717 'Suspicious Object' Leads Police To Shut Down State Street ... But It Was Just A Can Of Chef Boyardee On Wheels

(Source: Reddit)

Trying to recreate the commercial.

Adolf Twinkler Is Like A Venture Bros. Character

DU Haus of Decline @hausofdecline Adolf Twinkler is like a Venture Bros. Character dandy @daxdives. 17h Some dude got called out on tiktok for wearing a third reich medal and in response he made a video coming out as the literal reincarnation of hitler in front of his squishmallows, you cannot make this shit up Show this thread Ic

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Just All Of This

MOTHERBOARD TECH BY VICE Al-Generated 'Seinfeld' Show Banned on Twitch After Transphobic Standup Bit "Nothing, Forever," has been banned for at least 14 days. By Jason Koebler February 6, 2023, 9:30am 17 IMAGE: NOTHING FOREVER

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My Tarantula Has Never Felt The Touch Of A Man

132 lesbianshepard Follow Posted by u/Bird Lady69 10 hours ago f My tarantula has never felt the touch of a man before yet she's laying eggs, i didn't know they could lay unfertilised eggs, what do i do?? Help! phrasing of this is taking me out voregeoisie Follow dzcool3 Yesterday my tarantula, virginal as the mother mary, has given birth. is this the second coming?

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Excuse Me

DAILY = STΓ„R Q BUY A PAPER FUNERAL NOTICES SHOP HOROSCOPES Police officer who shared 'extreme Peppa Pig porn' on WhatsApp gets to keep job

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Detrimental Amount Of Mashed Potatoes

THE DAD thedad ... Me, trying to explain to my childless boss that I need a new work laptop because there's a detrimental amount of mashed potatoes in mine THE DAD

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It Is Better

Uchina @kingzyphree can't even argue .. the nipple tip is better 3 Miguel O'hara @YungDrew42 (៑) Chum BUCKET OO S The nipple tip make me feel like I'm sucking Gatorade straight from the tiddy of the gator

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Suspicious Stoned Vampire

Me: where did you park? Wife: next to the car that looks like a suspicious stoned vampire Me:what? The car: RSF 636

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27 5h 3 Like painted a picture of our lord and savior Jesus j christ passionately chowing down on a deluxe hot dog with all the fixins. I want $500 for it and I'm not willing to go down on that price. Comment ... : V 36 comments Send

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Flying Hot Brat

A Tom Pigs @sauced7 At my first @Bucks game last night and thought I caught a shirt they fired into the stands out of a cannon. Turns out it was a hot bratwurst. Never in my life did I ever think I'd catch a flying hot brat but here we are. HOT BRAT INSIDE! TO OPEN PELL HERE MILWAUKEE BUCKS 3:37 PM 1/18/23 1.2M Views . 18.2K Likes 983 Retweets 582 Quotes

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